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Stop whining: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle angered social networks with complaints about life in the USA


Source: Radio KP

Actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry once again dishonored the royal family with inappropriate behavior. They decided to complain about the poorly arranged life in the United States, writes Radio KP.

Screenshot: TIME / YouTube

During their so far short married life, Meghan and Harry changed houses four times, three of which cost more than $ 20 million each. They were uncomfortable in the royal mansion, and then in those luxurious homes in America, where they tried to live a new life.

Shortly after the move, their British nanny, who was taking care of little Archie, returned home. And Megan and Harry tried to get their son into an elite private kindergarten.

These "difficulties" of adaptation in America were written in the autobiographical book "In Search of Freedom." However, the complaints of the dukes did not meet with sympathy from the readers.

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The prince and the actress were reminded that while they were suffering from the move, hundreds of thousands of people died from the coronavirus in the UK and the United States. America and Europe were swept by a wave of unemployment and street riots. The Dukes of Sussex were advised not to be arrogant and to think about those who are immeasurably harder.

By the way, Duchess Kate recently received her own portion of criticism. She was convicted for not understanding the real problems of the population. The Duchess of Cambridge complained that it was difficult for her to manage the children during the pandemic.

Other parents pounced on to Middleton, reminding her that she lives in a huge palace with a bunch of governesses. Plus, Kate doesn't need to think about making money. And most British families were forced to huddle in tiny apartments with children and various problems such as lack of money, lack of work and school lessons.

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