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Stop saying 'very': 10 ways to replace this word in English


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English is a rich language, so instead of constantly using the same words, you can diversify your speech with bright and effective synonyms, explains “English Studio Let you Speak” on Yandex.Zen.

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One of the most used words in English is adverb. very (“very”), and today we will see what other options it can be replaced in sentences.


She plays the guitar extremely well. - She is very (incredible, extremely) plays the guitar well.


My friend has Completely changed - I don't recognize him. - My friend is very (completely, completely) has changed - I don't recognize him.


It contains really cold outside today. - It's very (really, really) coldly.

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The food is absolutely delicious. - The food is very (absolutely, definitely) delicious.


He's deeply grateful to you. - He is very (deep, very much) thank you.


You're unusually kind. - You are very (extraordinary) are kind. (* is used in case you didn't expect something and are very surprised by what is happening)


My English language skills have improved significantly... - My language skills are very (noticeably, definitely) have improved.


It contains Great helpful! - This is very (super-) useful (useful)!

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I strongly believe that we can do this! - I am very (firmly) I believe that we will do it!


He gave her wife a enormously expensive watch. - He gave his wife a very (extremely) expensive watch.

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