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Housekeeping Note: What Products Can Be Stored Forever


Source: Rambler

There is a lot of evidence from archaeologists who, during the excavations, more than once found pots or other utensils with honey. Despite the fact that the waste product of bees was sometimes stored for more than one thousand years, it remained usable. However, in addition to honey, there are other foods on our planet with an almost eternal shelf life.

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According to the specialist, if the honey is left in its original form, without adding any other ingredients to it, and in particular water, then this product can be stored forever, notes Rambler. The fact is that honey has one unusual ability, called hygroscopicity. This is a property of absorbing moisture from the environment. But it is thanks to moisture that other food also deteriorates.

As researcher Amina Harris (Center for honey and pollination, University of California) told Inosmi website, bacteria and other microorganisms that are involved in decay and other similar processes, leading to damage to a particular product, simply do not survive in the honey environment. And the too high acidity of honey does not contribute to the long life of the organisms.


Rice is also one of the foods with the longest shelf life. However, in order for rice to remain edible for a long time, it is necessary to purchase not brown, but white polished cereals. Due to the high moisture content in the shell of brown rice, it cannot be stored for more than six months. But white can be edible for as long as 30 years. These are the conclusions reached by experts from the University of Utah. The same scientists found that if you keep rice in plastic containers with tight lids without oxygen and at a temperature of about 4,5 degrees, then this product will calmly survive for more than a dozen years.

Salt and sugar

These two bulk products are also not afraid of time. Surely the majority cannot even imagine spoiled salt or sugar. However, they have one common enemy - moisture. Again, it is thanks to the humid environment in the food that bacteria and microorganisms multiply. But if you provide salt and sugar with proper storage, then they will remain edible for many years. In addition, although salt absorbs moisture, after that it simply turns into a stone, which, if desired and skillful, can be split and eaten.


Vinegar is one of the most ancient substances on the planet. According to Eat By Date, its shelf life can never expire. This mainly applies to white vinegar. After all, it is not for nothing that it is used for canning. If you decide to put away a bottle of vinegar in reserve, you should not open it and in general somehow violate the tightness of the package. This substance should be placed in a dark and cool place, away from light and heat.


Employees of the private American University of Brigham Young found out that ordinary dried beans can also be attributed to the eternal products. As a result of many years of research, it turned out that the beans, even after 30 years, remained intact and unharmed - they were quite suitable for food. Therefore, legumes are great for long-term stocks.

Klenovыy syrup

Maple syrup, which is very popular in the United States, is said to remain intact forever, according to the Massachusetts Association of Maple Syrup. But experts say that a bottle of syrup, like a container with vinegar, should not be opened. It would be nice to keep the syrup in the refrigerator, or even better, in the freezer, plus everything. It will never turn into ice and can be consumed at any time without defrosting.

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