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Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Curry: 10 Stories About Food Killing



Food is an integral part of life. We all know that food should be healthy and of high quality, but do we always remember and worry about this? Often, most only think about the taste of dishes, forgetting that they may contain toxins. What can I say, because there is food that can even cause death, writes

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1. Fugu

Many people know that improperly cooked puffer fish can be fatal. In Japan, it is considered a delicacy and is served all over the world in expensive Japanese restaurants. But, despite the poor reputation of this dish, there are not so many deaths among those who ate this fish. But this does not mean that the fugue should be taken lightly. Since 2000, 20 deaths have been recorded. Most of the deceased were simple amateurs, for example, fishermen from Tokyo, who tried to cook a puffer for themselves.

2. Chili pepper sauce and heart attack

In 2008, an amateur chef from the UK died in a dream after he tasted a very spicy tomato sauce that he had prepared the day before. A 33-year-old man with excellent health just did not wake up in the morning. Although death from eating spicy foods is relatively rare, there are cases of poor health after eating such foods, from burning in the stomach to pain in the intestines.

3. Sannakchi

Sannakchi - a dish of Korean cuisine, which is a seasoned octopus seasoned with sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Compared to puffer fish, sannakchi is not poisonous in itself, but fatalities have been reported anyway. Due to the fact that the muscles of the octopus are still contracted when eaten, caution should be taken when using sannakchi, as they can block the air supply through the throat. The strangulation of sannakchi caused the death of several people.

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4. Peanut Curry Sauce

Curry sauce is usually served in Indian restaurants and cafes. To thicken it, add a little almond flour. But often because of the high cost of almonds, walnuts are replaced with more affordable peanuts. Although it does not affect the quality and taste characteristics of the sauce, one must not forget that it can be deadly for allergy sufferers. So, only in 2014, as a result of using such a sauce in the United States, three people died.

5. Hot Dog Eating Competitions

Eating a particular product is popular all over the world. They are often attended by many comers who hope that they can eat more than others and get a prize. In different countries they even hold professional competitions, which are mainly eaten by hamburgers or hot dogs. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to death for various reasons, including even asphyxiation.

6. Popcorn lung disease

Microwave popcorn contains diacetyl-rich flavors. Those who often make popcorn and don’t wear respirators inhale this toxin, which causes a fatal lung disease like obliterating bronchitis, which is only a lung transplant. In addition, diacetyl can lead to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

7. Iraqi grain

In the late 60s and early 70s, there was a hungry lean period in Iraq, which led to the sale of fungicide-treated seeds. It could not be used for food at all. Ignorance of a foreign language caused people to not understand the meaning of the inscriptions on the bags. As a result, the poisoned grain has led to serious health problems for many people and several fatalities.

8. Dangerous beer

In January 2015, a large group of people in Mozambique drank a local beer during a funeral, a popular drink in Africa known as pombe, made from a mixture of cornmeal, sugar, bran, sorghum and yeast. After a couple of days, dozens of people were hospitalized with severe pain in the stomach and diarrhea, several people died. As a result of the study, the presence of bile crocodile in beer, which got into beer during fermentation, was found.

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9. Incident with toxins

In 1973, a company in the US state of Michigan, producing cattle feed, accidentally added polybromodiphenyl to its product instead of the desired ingredient. It was mixed with feed and sold to almost every local farmer. The effect is very resonant. Farmers suffered huge losses, and the state's dairy industry was completely destroyed, as the products turned out to be toxic. Many locals fell ill, in most cases diagnosed with cancer.

10. Sweet Poison

In 1958, Joseph Neal, a confectioner, accidentally received arsenic instead of a sugar substitute. An inexperienced production assistant confused the ingredients. The poison was mixed with other ingredients for caramel sweets, which outwardly did not differ from ordinary ones. Then the candies went on sale. As a result, 20 children died.

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