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'Immunity does not save': the doctor told, from which the risk of developing cancer increases 30 times



It turns out that genetics can explain only 15% of cases. Everything else depends on the person's lifestyle, writes

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Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected all countries of the world, people have become especially attentive to their health. And listen to doctors.

As in the case of the virus, cancer cells arise in the body against the background of deterioration of immunity, says the chief oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation Andrei Kaprin. On his Instagram, he answered the questions of subscribers about the risks of oncology, explaining how to reduce them.

According to Caprin, not all cases of the disease can be explained by a genetic predisposition. Basically, according to the academician, cancer occurs due to the wrong way of life of people.

Andrei Dmitriev emphasized that long-term smoking increases the likelihood of cancer cells by thirty times.

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Frequent alcohol consumption also has an additional negative effect. Doctors make similar conclusions by observing the majority of patients who initially have a "genetically healthy family."

Caprin also added that it is never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle. After ten years of giving up cigarettes, a person is no longer considered a smoker by doctors, and during this period his body recovers from the harm caused by tobacco.

“After 65, the number of cellular mutations increases by ten percent every five years. They are no longer able to restrain immunity. As a result, a malignant process may begin in the body, ”emphasized the chief oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health.

That is why it is important to start changing your eating habits, fighting addictions and playing sports. As soon as possible!

Kaprin recommended sticking to a stable diet, trying to eat at the same time every day, avoiding fatty meats, and overeating. All of these will help maintain health and reduce the likelihood of serious illness.

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