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'I want to leave farewell letters': Shannen Doherty spoke about life with stage IV cancer


Source: 24 Channel

The star of the series "Beverly Hills, 90210" said that she continues to fight and is not going to give up, but her illness can no longer be cured, writes 24 Channel.

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American actress Shannen Doherty was again diagnosed with breast cancer after two years of remission. This happened in February this year, and now the disease has developed to the fourth stage. In a frank interview, the celebrity shared the details of the treatment and admitted that she wanted to write farewell letters to her family, but so far she did not dare to do so.

Shannen Doherty's fight against cancer

Shannen said that after two years of remission of cancer, she felt unbearable back pain. Then I realized that the disease had returned.

“It wasn't like I went in for sports, and it aches a little, but like this: Lord, how it hurts!” Doherty remembered.

The star says that after that they did a tomography, which confirmed a relapse. Then the actress diagnosed with metastatic cancer - some malignant cells survived and spread to the spine, and subsequently can affect the brain, lungs, liver. To delay this irreversible process, the celebrity is constantly taking hormonal drugs.

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The actress admitted that now she is trying to enjoy simple moments as much as possible. In particular, she enjoys meeting friends, playing with the dog, and working in the garden.

Farewell letters to relatives

Doherty also admitted that she wants to leave her loved ones farewell letters and videos. However, she cannot bring herself to do so yet.

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“There are things I have to tell my mom. I want my husband to know what he means to me. But when the time comes to do it, it feels like the end. It feels like you are cheating yourself, but I am not cheating myself. I feel very, very healthy. It’s hard to wind up when you feel like you’ll live another 10 or 15 years. Anyone with stage XNUMX cancer is faced with the fact that others give up on him. And I'm not ready to be given up on me. I have a lot of life, ”the actress emphasized.

Shannen Doherty's medical history

The actress was diagnosed with cancer in March 2015. After a few months of treatment, she felt better and began to remission. However, in February 2020, in an interview, the woman admitted that she was once again forced to undergo treatment. This time, doctors discovered stage XNUMX breast cancer.

However, the celebrity does not give up and believes only in the best. Shannen, by his own example, seeks to prove that under any life circumstances the struggle cannot be stopped. On her personal page on Instagram, she repeatedly talked about her health, thanked friends, relatives, fans for their support.

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