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Tips to help you lose weight faster


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Experts told how to combine business with pleasure during a diet. They gave some advice that at first glance may not be directly related to a healthy diet.

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These actions will help you not only lose weight more effectively, but also facilitate the diet, writes Rambler.

Pay cash

Contactless payment has changed the way we live. Of course, it became easier to pay with her. Purchases are made not only easier, but also faster. However, the problem of unconscious consumption has only increased. The fact is that during the cash count, it becomes clear which products to buy and which ones to refuse. Paying with a bank card partially deprived us of such an opportunity.

Scientists at Cornell University found that paying with cash reduces your monthly spending on unhealthy food by 23%. People with banknotes in their pockets choose products in the store more carefully.

Eat slowly and in silence

Probably, many paid attention to the fact that background music plays in fast food restaurants. One study showed that when people eat to music, they eat faster. On top of that, their appetite increases and they eat more than those who eat without background music.

Try to eat in silence and do not go to fast food restaurants.

Eat whatever you want once a month

Researchers at the University of Michigan say that increasing the caloric intake by 30% during the week helps reduce insulin spikes in the future.

Experts advise devoting one week per month to eating your favorite foods. So you reduce the risk of failure of the diet in the future.

Drink milk

Scientists from McMaster University in Canada found that people who drank a glass of milk after physical exertion lost twice as much weight in 12 weeks than those who consumed energy.

One glass of milk after going to the gym can help you achieve a beautiful figure.

Watch horror movies

Experts from the University of Westminster found that while watching horror movies you can lose about 180 calories.

Adrenaline rush helps burn calories and reduce appetite.

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