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Husky three times saved the mistress from cancer



The dog repeatedly sniffed out a malignant ovarian tumor.

Photo: Facebook / Stephanie Herfel

For the first time, a Siberian husky named Sierra began to behave strangely, constantly sniffing at the lower belly of her mistress, 52-year-old American woman Stephanie Herfel, in October 2013 of the year. Stephanie was suffering from abdominal pain at the time, but the family doctor decided it was a cyst and sent the woman home, ordering her to take painkillers. However, drawing attention to the behavior of the dog, Stephanie decided to consult a specialist gynecologist. Three weeks later, the woman was diagnosed with a third stage of ovarian cancer,

Stephanie underwent surgery to remove the uterus and spleen, and also underwent a course of chemotherapy, and by April 2014 was healthy. However, twice more, in 2015 and 2016, Sierra again began to sniff at her mistress, and both times it was not for nothing that the dog quite correctly diagnosed the return of the disease in Stephanie, which was confirmed during the medical examination.

Photo: Facebook / Stephanie Herfel

Now Herfel defeated cancer again. She is fully confident that she would be dead already if it were not for Sierra and her amazing scent.

“I owe this dog a life, it’s my salvation,” says Stephanie.

According to the woman, Sierra was also able to "sniff out" ovarian cancer from her friend, who came to visit her. The dog is so sensitive to the specific "smell of cancer" that Stephanie has to change immediately when she comes back from the cancer center, because Sierra is getting too worried.

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