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A look into the future: what kind of specialists will be needed in the post-quarantine world and what to do with the rest

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Those who do not know what to do ...

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You can think about what is happening, discuss it, argue, for the millionth time to fall for the bait of professional “fishermen” who want our brains to be occupied with nonsense until they are completely washed out and totally stunned. They blow so much into our ears that a normal person cannot stand this pressure. From there, the compromised nervous system, and the undermined immune system, too. From the same place and so many suicides, alcoholism, drug addiction and depression.

But you can do something completely different. Namely - to think about what will happen in ten to twenty years and take some steps in order not to end up in the trash heap, where millions of people fly every year, becoming unnecessary, like a broken TV ...

Look around. Think about what is happening. Technologization drives us out every day. Each new phone, improved chip, memory volumes that are growing daily, the speed and quality of information transfer, are gradually pushing us to a cliff. And there is only one step to the abyss. Therefore, there is nothing more relevant than finding your future place: work, business, application of strength and energy. Those who do not plan to live for more than ten years need not worry. There is still enough for them. But an engineer, programmer, driver, accountant, sales manager, and hundreds of different specialists, without whom we cannot imagine life today, will soon be left without work. Robots will crowd out everyone. And a doctor, and a pilot, and a room cleaner and a grass cutter. No, no, not yet tomorrow, don't be alarmed. But the process has already started, and no one will stop it. In fifty years, the police will also be idle. Automated systems will identify the culprit based on gait and heart rate. They will be many times faster than a person, stronger than him and will not make gross mistakes when searching for an offender and when arresting him too.

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And, of course, the questions - what should we, people, do? What to learn, what to become, and what to prepare for?

I suppose that the winners - at least in this short period of time - will be those in whose work there is an element of creativity. Here the cars are still lagging behind. Maybe they will never be able to create what cooks, musicians, writers, artists can do. The fact is that the main rule for representatives of these professions is the lack of rules and the ability to move away from recipes, habits, developed and tested schemes, old dogmas and reliable formulas. And this, thank God, is what machines are built on. For the foreseeable future, creativity will remain the prerogative of people. Although I don’t know for how long, whether forever. I think that, at least until machines learn to feel and empathize, we creative people can sleep well.

From the good news: all these robots will need to be assembled, maintained, improved, tested and so on. Over the next thirty to forty years, I think these tasks will continue to be trusted to people. Although I foresee that in the future robots will be made and repaired by robots themselves, and not people. It will be faster, more reliable and more economical. And competitiveness is the engine of our century. She will remain the heart of the global economy, and therefore will be at the forefront for many centuries.

Therefore, today I would sit at the screen and study everything that is happening in the world in order to understand, intuitive, maybe, what to learn and what to advise my children and grandchildren. It will be very disappointing to unlearn being a doctor and lose the opportunity to be one, because in thirty years most doctors will be successfully replaced by dispassionate but precise machines. They will not be mistaken with the diagnosis, and during any operation their hand will not tremble. A two-hour operation or a fifteen-hour operation, they will not care. And cars do not need a vacation, and a raise in salary, too. With drivers, dispatchers, loaders and translators - everything is also clear. Their days are numbered, even if they are only a decade or three ... But drones are already training today, and very soon they will deliver to your home whatever you order. Quickly, accurately, accurately, without cluttering up the air, without overloading the roads and without making the mistakes that we humans are sinful with.

This is what I would do today, instead of sitting in front of the TV and “poisoning” with the news, as they are poison. Moreover, not the one that is added to the products so that they do not quickly deteriorate, but the real, deadly, corroding brain and turns us into zombies, which for the most part people already are.

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I invite everyone to the twenty-second century and propose to fantasize about how it will please its residents. How he will upset them, I have already listed. And now - let's talk about the fun.

Waiting for your stories and predictions. Look forward to.

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