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Marry a foreigner

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Good or bad, depends on the interpretation of the idea of ​​marriage of each unmarried, reflects writer and columnist Sergei Evelev.

A foreigner, he is so good? He is good in his point of view on the exotic nature of the creature to marry. It, the creature is, in our example, a woman, besides the physiological characteristics of belonging to the female sex, the images of women familiar to him from childhood: mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, are nothing like. The other is because. Absolutely with everyone and in everything. She was not born there and ate the wrong thing, and others watched cartoons and did not teach in schools. She and the point of view on the role of women in the family and society, and men, too, certainly from his vision is different. And how to live, where, what to buy, what to cook for and how, parenting, finance, free time, free love or, on the contrary, it is completely busy with each other. These and a hundred other topics, I can become rebuses, the solutions of which will have to be looked for every day and there’s no getting away from it.




And these two converge in an attempt to combine naphthalene and double bass. So what? And nothing. Tell them what? Remember what? Cry and laugh at what? Community spirit where? No, well, at first, the community of bodies can ignite a situation and keep them on fast or even slow fire for some time. Undoubtedly. But then, when the fire died down and you need to find points of contact, where and how to look for them? And children, how to educate them, in the mode of a culture, Russian, American? What language to speak with them, on his, on her or on some third? Although, of course, as in everything, there are exceptions. There are couples who do not understand how they came together, but suddenly something clicked and caught on them. And they live happily ever after, and the children are fine, and as if they even have something to talk about. But as a rule, it's still a hedgehog and mayonnaise. Do not float, do not converge, do not stick together.

Although for some women from any, not very economically advanced countries, the prospect of moving to America, a country of unlimited possibilities, and even under the sponsor’s wing, even if it’s foreign, may seem very seductive. If she is still very young, well, maybe she will somehow be oklimatized and he will teach her everything according to local customs, and will retrain where necessary. But if the bride is more mature, and suddenly also educated, plus the train that has seen the world, then there can be discrepancies at every intersection and not corresponding to the text punctuation marks on each page of life. And you need to decide whether to be or not to be. And how to be, and whom to be, not to mention with whom to be.

Heavy is a burden, life with a foreign subject. Love, again, if it happened, the truth can smooth out some sharp angles for a while, but will they manage to find a common denominator with bipolar numerators and not similar fillers, one God knows. He is probably their fate and decide. And we wait, we'll see. What is there someone joking until someone sleeps?

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