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'Love dreamed all my life': Erika Herceg spoke about her personal life and Konstantin Meladze


Source: StarHit

All last year, conversations about the romance of the blonde and the producer of the team have not subsided. Despite the fact that such information has already been refuted several times, the secular party still does not believe in the absence of feelings between Meladze and Herceg.


31-year-old member of the group "VIA Gra" is often compared with the ex-soloist of the team Vera Brezhneva. In addition, in show business they say that Eric Herceg has long suppressed Brezhnev in family life. The girl is credited with an affair with Konstantin Meladze, recalls StarHit.

According to fans, Meladze really could get carried away by a young soloist, because Brezhnev devotes most of his time to his own career, and not to his spouse. Nevertheless, Erica herself denies loving feelings for the producer, claiming that she refers to Konstantin as a father. In addition, Herceg admits that she has long decided on the chosen one.

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“All my life I dreamed of meeting my love - an intelligent, kind, beautiful man. I made this wish two years ago for the New Year, and it came true right away! I love him very much and we are happy together, and these rumors about the affair with Meladze poison our lives. I have to constantly make excuses that this is a scene, that I have a working relationship with the producer, ”the singer shared.


By the way, the identity of lover Eric is in no hurry to disclose. The girl does not bring the man into the light and keeps his name and occupation secret. Herceg is sure that such things should stay away from the public.

"I do not want to do this. I believe that happiness loves silence. I do not want to show my man to anyone, I am against this. This is mine, let it stay at home! ”- said the soloist of“ VIA Gra ”.

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Recall that four years ago, Meladze left his former wife Yana, with whom she has three children, to Vera Brezhneva. It is known that the relations of the producer and singer began back in the days of the "golden composition" of the group and lasted several years. After this, Meladze decided on an important step and created a family with the artist.

Note that Brezhnev has repeatedly argued that in relations with the producer they are all right and asked to ignore the rumors of treason. In addition, the singer herself prefers not to pay attention to gossip that does not affect the friendly communication of Vera and Erica. Konstantin also joins his wife: “The journey among women is over. I am very worried about acquaintances who are getting divorced, because I remember what it feels like. ”

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