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All inclusive: what you can try on a buffet in US restaurants


Source: "Your America" ​​on Yandex.Zen

The USA is a very interesting country that is fundamentally different from Russia in all respects. Mentality, food, way of life, nature - everything is completely different. Someone is delighted with the United States, someone hates, but there are no indifferent - this is a fact, writes the author of the channel "Your America" ​​on Yandex.Zen.

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Today we'll talk about an interesting restaurant in Boise, Idaho. This place is called “Golden Corall”. This restaurant has an unusual service format for the USA - a full buffet. That is, "Endless Buffet", as the Americans call it. Pay 15 dollars at the entrance, and that's it, you are in the All Inclusive American style. Let's see what you can eat in this place.

1. First courses

For the first, mashed soups are offered, they are all thick and very satisfying. The assortment includes vegetables, creamy, cheese, meat and minced meat. Eat such a soup and you can go home - you won't want anything else.

2. Meat and side dishes

Breaded chicken, nuggets, beef in gravy, fried bacon - these are the meats you can eat in the “endless buffet”. Rice will go with it as a side dish, and, of course, potatoes in different forms: fries. in a village style, mashed potatoes. There is also mac and cheese pasta - a favorite dish of all American children, pizza and interesting American potato salads. Like Olivier, just not so tasty.

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3. Sweet table

Americans are big lovers of sweets, and they have sugary sweets, you can't eat much. But the buffet has a large selection, although it is difficult after all this high-calorie food to find a place in the stomach for dessert. Americans are people trained in eating huge portions of food, so it's easier for them with desserts. Carrot cake, pies, cookies and a chocolate fountain, just like in expensive hotels in Turkey.

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In conclusion, I want to say. that some Americans are simply obsessed with such restaurants, spending all weekends there from morning to evening, eating a huge amount of food. It is, of course, crazy to sit like this all day and consume calories. But you can try it once, it is especially interesting for an immigrant to compare such a restaurant with the Turkish All Inclusive.

Original published on channel "Your America" ​​on Yandex.Zen.

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