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All of America is addicted to this: how proper breathing burns subcutaneous fat


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America is now totally addicted to the so-called bodyflex. This system of special exercises allows you to lose extra pounds due to proper breathing in certain positions of the body.

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VoiceUA talk about how to lose weight and tighten muscles with the help of proper breathing.

In essence, body flex is an aerobic exercise system where a person breathes in quickly and exhales with force. Such exercises increase the pulse rate, accelerate breathing, energize and burn subcutaneous fat.

But the main goal of this system is not weight loss, but tightening the muscles, increasing the tone of the body.

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By increasing oxygen supply, you can burn 18 times more fat than during non-aerobic exercise. As a result, you get rid of not only kilograms, but also centimeters.

For a week of regular classes, "go away" from 13 to 30, see fat. With the help of bodyflex, we strengthen the abdominal muscles, massaging the abdominal organs, which helps to cope with bowel problems.

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Anyone who does not have time to go to the gym can do bodyflex.

Training on an empty stomach is the main secret. Bodyflex and other breathing exercises are an absolutely independent type of training. Breathing completely replaces the gym, you can achieve a healthy and athletic body without additional training.

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Breathing exercises are generally a panacea for any lazy or busy person, and daily workouts provide excellent results.

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