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Christmas tree meeting and turkey pardon: Melania and Donald Trump open the White House holiday season


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The whole western world has already begun active preparations for Christmas. Donald Trump and his wife Melania decided to decorate their residence for the upcoming celebration. On November 25, on the threshold of the White House, they traditionally met a cart with tall and fluffy spruce, which will now adorn the Blue Room in the official residence. And on November 26, a traditional turkey pardon ceremony took place before Thanksgiving.

On the solemn occasion of the meeting of the Christmas tree, the first lady of the United States appeared in public in the appropriate outfit. Melania wore a black floral print coat from Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Louboutin suede black high-heeled boots. Gossip.

Melania Trump met the reporters with a smile, waved her hand in greeting, went to the wagon and began to examine the holiday tree. By the way, every year the spruce for decorating the Blue Room is selected through a special contest - this tradition dates back to the 1960's. This time, farming in the Mahantongo Valley, Pennsylvania, a tree grown on this land, will win a holiday atmosphere at the White House over the coming month.

Recall that the planning of Christmas Melania Trump began at the end of July. Then the first lady, together with the designers, thought over which fabrics and accessories would decorate the official residence. By the way, every year a whole team of volunteers is involved in this business, who, together with the first lady, choose garlands, balls, as well as living and artificial spruces.

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On the fourth Thursday in November - this year on November 28 - the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving Day, which will kick off a series of Christmas and New Year holidays. Gossip. By tradition, they are preparing for this holiday in the White House. 25 November 73-year-old President Donald Trump and his 49-year-old wife Melania held an annual turkey pardon ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. This year the ceremony was anniversary: ​​for the first time, turkey officially pardoned the turkey in 1989, George W. Bush.

This year, two turkeys named Butter (Butter) and Bread (Bread) weighing 20 and 21 kilograms, respectively, were selected for pardon. During the ceremony, the US president could not help joking about his impeachment, saying that the turkeys had already received subpoenas next week. The birds were brought from North Carolina, where they were raised by farmer Wally Jackson.

“Butter, I wish you good luck! I hereby grant you full and unconditional pardon! ” - the head of the United States solemnly said.

During the ceremony, Melania stood next to her husband. In public, the first lady of the United States appeared in a brown Burberry suede coat and high heel boots. Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany, who came there in the company of her boyfriend-billionaire Michael Bulos, attended the event yesterday.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving, the couple Trump will be in their home in Florida, where they, along with 13-year-old son Barron, went on a private plane right after the ceremony.

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