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Let's remember childhood: Soviet New Year traditions that are worth reviving


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For adults and elderly family members, this will cause nostalgia, and such traditions will help children better understand their parents and learn interesting facts about their childhood. "Bagel" tells what can beautify the winter holidays.

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Homemade toys

Chains made of colored paper, lanterns wrapped in tea foil, carved snowflakes on the windows are indispensable attributes of the older generation's childhood holiday. And although sometimes this was caused by a shortage of factory toys, such decorations were even highly valued. They did them in class at school or at home on their own and were terribly proud of them.

While there is no shortage of a wide variety of Christmas tree decorations right now, the tradition can be revived with modern holiday craft kits. Each child will be pleased to see that it is his bird or snowflake that decorates the apartment. And in adolescence, it will be especially nice to get her and remember her childhood.

Soviet dishes

Attitudes towards them are constantly changing: they are scolded for an excess of fats and carbohydrates, then they are modernized replacing the sausage for Olivier with boiled turkey, then, in a fit of nostalgia, they look for “the very recipes” and set the table in the style of the USSR.

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Regardless of your culinary preferences, you can always prepare one or two dishes from the past. Not necessarily the proverbial New Year's salad. But surely every family can remember that they definitely made jellied meat, Anthill cake or loose biscuits for the holiday.

Paper postcards

Yes, now we can call our loved ones five times a day, and even by video, but handwritten postcards create their own, special atmosphere. And not only for the addressees, but also for the authors. At the same time, the child will have a rare chance to learn how mail works.

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TV evening

Two or three television channels, a network of programs - in those days, showing a good film became a real event that gathered the whole family at the TV. During the holidays, it makes sense to put aside tablets and phones, choose a kind family movie and watch it from start to finish. For the atmosphere, you can pick up an old Soviet comedy - as practice shows, modern children also quite like it.

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Congratulations from neighbors

We used to call our neighbors at the door, wished them happiness and health, treated them to tangerines, sweets and homemade cookies. Now, especially given the pandemic, it will look odd and even eccentric. But nothing prevents you from making a snowman with a congratulatory poster, hanging a good congratulation near the mailboxes, or at least writing something sincere and kind to the chat room of the residents of your house.

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