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'Everyone is pleased to think that he left me for Xenia': Frost told how the marriage with Bogomolov broke up


Source: 7 Days

Actress Daria Moroz said, because of what, in fact, her marriage broke up with Konstantin Bogomolov, who is now married to Ksenia Sobchak, writes "7 days". The star dotted all the "i" in a frank interview.

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Daria Moroz gave a frank interview in which she admitted how her life changed after her divorce from Konstantin Bogomolov, and why the marriage of the director and actress broke up.

“When the story came to an end, I had a big question for myself, how much I can find my own soil, by itself. And I can say that this year I found her, ”she admitted to OK magazine!

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Indeed, it was in 2019 that Daria managed to prove herself to herself, first of all, that she could be successful without the support of a successful director. She not only starred in several films, but also acted as the producer of the sequel to the acclaimed TV series "The Container."


In addition, Daria decided to convey to the public that Ksenia Sobchak did not become an insidious homemaker. The actress was tired of such speculation.

“Everyone is pleased to think that Kostya left me for Ksenia Anatolyevna. It's not like that at all. We broke up a long, long time ago, and each one has long gone his own way, ”the artist emphasized.

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According to her, she and Konstantin long ago realized that their marriage had failed and decided to move on. Moreover, this conclusion Daria made much earlier than her husband. At the same time, she managed to stay with the director in friendly relations. She is glad that their daughter regularly communicates with her father and new wife and is friends with the children of Sobchak's friends.


According to the actress, each of them realized that they should choose their own separate path. However, this understanding came to Frost earlier than to Bogomolov. Daria, by the way, does not connect her creative and personal take-off with the divorce.

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