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'Everything is younger and younger': the radiant Sofia Rotaru delighted fans with new pictures


Source: RIA News

Fans of Sofia Rotaru admired the appearance of the singer, who posted photos with her family on Instagram in honor of her birthday. "RIA News".


73-year-old singer Sofia Rotaru shared fresh photos on her official Instagram account, in which she was captured with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Fans showered the artist with compliments.

"Every year you look younger and younger!" - fans were amazed in the comments under the post.

“Well, how old are you? No more than 35! Unearthly beauty woman! " - wrote one of the fans.

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“How and where did you get the secret of eternal youth ?! You are a witch, not otherwise! " - admired in the comments.

"The son is so grown up, and my mother does not grow old!" - wrote one of the users.

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"Look like the same age, not a grandmother!" - admitted the fan.

“Sofia Mikhailovna! You are irresistible! ” - noted the subscriber.

“That’s a very young girl,” one of the fans admired.


On August 7, People's Artist of the USSR Sofia Rotaru turned 73 years old. She first appeared on stage in 1962.

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