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'All circles of hell': how patients with COVID-19, who were connected to mechanical ventilation, describe their feelings



Patients in extreme severity are universally connected to ventilators. People who have already experienced a similar experience, shared their feelings, writes

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The other day in a number of Russian media there appeared stories of patients with coronavirus connected to mechanical ventilation. So, Maxim Orlov was a patient of the well-known Kommunarka. According to him, the experience of being in the clinic did not leave any positive emotions.

“There went all the circles of hell, including coma, IVL, deceased neighbors in the ward, and even what they managed to tell my family:“ Orlov will not be pulled out ”. But I did not die, and now I am honorary - the third patient of Kommunarka, who was rescued in this hospital after mechanical ventilation, ”the man wrote on Facebook.

The first thing the patient feels after connecting to an apparatus that can save a life is euphoria from the incoming oxygen.

However, then, when the patient is gradually disconnected from the device, problems begin - he cannot breathe on his own.

“When we came to the border regime, after which the person was turned off, I felt the brick that was put on my chest - it became very difficult to breathe. For a while, a day, I suffered, but then gave up, I began to ask to change the regime. It was bitter to look at my doctors: the blitzkrieg failed - I couldn’t, ”said Maxim.

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Denis Ponomarev, a 35-year-old Muscovite, was treated for coronavirus and two pneumonia for two months and also survived the experience of mechanical ventilation. And also unpleasant.

“I got sick on March 5th. <…> I was sent to do tests, as well as an X-ray, which showed right-sided pneumonia. At the next appointment, they called an ambulance and took me to hospital, ”Ponomarev said in an interview with RT.

Denis was only connected to the ventilator in the third hospital, to which he was sent after the man had a fever.

“It was as if I were under water. A bunch of pipes stuck out of his mouth. The strangest thing is that breathing does not depend on what I did, I felt that the car was breathing for me. But its presence encouraged me, which means there is a chance for help, ”he said.

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Denis communicated with doctors with gestures and wrote them messages on paper. Most of the time he lay on his stomach.

“Immediately after the shutdown, I had a few seconds to catch my breath,“ grope ”it next to the machine. It felt like an eternity had passed. When I started to breathe on my own, I felt an extraordinary surge of strength and joy that I got out, ”Ponomarev noted.

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