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She cooks everything herself: Christina Orbakaite said that the Prima Donna serves on the New Year's table



Christina Orbakaite told what Alla Pugacheva is preparing for the family New Year's table, writes

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According to the singer, her mother prepares all the dishes herself, and she invites the cook only if there are a lot of guests.

Snacks, as a rule, are traditional: Olivier and herring under a fur coat, and Alla Borisovna bakes a duck or a goose for a hot meal.

“For me, the main New Year's dish is champagne! - Orbakaite admits. - It just so happens that you remember about him only in the New Year! "

She said that she really wants to celebrate the New Year with her mother and family at a large family table.

“Because of our profession, these meetings are very rare. I still don't know how it will happen this year. Meeting with our profession is not always traditional: there may be a performance on New Year's Eve, or you will need to go to another city. But part of the family will definitely gather in the New Year, "Orbakaite said.

Christina also denied rumors that periodically appear in the media about parting with her husband, businessman Mikhail Zemtsov. The singer assures that they live in perfect harmony and are not going to disperse.

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