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Time is on their side: celebrities who look better now than they did in their youth


Source: InStyle

Time has no power over these gorgeous women. Moreover - over the years they only get prettier, writes in style.

Photo from Instagram: jlo, ellemacpherson official, demimoore

Jennifer Lopez

Screenshot: Inside Edition, Jennifer Lopez / YouTube

In the early 90s, when J.Lo's career was just beginning, the singer was not at all like the diva as we know her now. Everything began to change when Lopez got her first major role in the film "My Family", for which film critics awarded her a debut nomination.

Along with the increasing popularity, the celebrity style began to experience one transformation after another: from an ordinary Latin American from the Bronx, she gradually began to turn into a spectacular and sophisticated Hollywood star, who was destined to become famous in films, record eight studio albums, launch her own clothing line and go on a world tour. with a unique show.

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Scarlett Johansson

Screenshot: E.T Style, Yess / YouTube

Scarlett Johansson got into the cinema as a child: the actress performed her first role in the film "North" when she was 10 years old. Then the director of the picture noted that "little Scarlett is talented not with childish talent." After successful debut work, Johansson's portfolio began to grow rapidly, and she soon gained fame in the United States.

True, the wide audience perceived the actress exclusively as a simpleton. When she starred in the image of Marilyn Monroe in the Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign, the spiteful critics were outraged: “What is her sex symbol? She is organic only in the role of a peasant woman, nanny or someone's friend. " But the glow up did happen - now Scarlett is becoming the most elegant and attractive guest of any social event from year to year.

El MacPherson

Screenshot: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, WelleCo.

At a young age, Elle Macpherson did not even think about a modeling career and became complex due to her high growth and excessive thinness. The future celebrity wanted to become a lawyer. But during university holidays, a model scout drew attention to her and offered to try her hand at the podium.

Once in the industry, Elle changed her hairstyle, picked up the right makeup and, most importantly, reconsidered her attitude towards herself, turning from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

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Jennifer Garner

Screenshot: Screen Slam, Entertainment Tonight / YouTube

Jennifer Garner first appeared on television in Zoe, where she played a notorious teenage girl with protruding ears and sparse bangs.

“I was not one of the beautiful girls and did not consider myself attractive. It wasn't part of my life, but then I felt great. I don't think my parents ever called me a beauty, we just didn't think about it, ”the actress later recalled.

But times have changed, and at the age of 47, Garner was recognized as the most beautiful woman on the planet by People.

Demmy Moor

Screenshot: Entertainment Tonight, WOW MEDIA / YouTube

From early childhood, Demi Moore was very complex because of her appearance: the future celebrity suffered from congenital squint and malocclusion. However, even before the main roles, she got rid of the flaws that tormented her, and having become popular, she went further and turned to plastic surgeons. The actress does not hide that she has changed in her appearance her nose, chin, lips and chest. The struggle for beauty was worth all the difficulties - at 57, the actress began to look better than at 20.

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