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The time of euphoria and dangerous misconceptions: recommendations of Alexander Litvin for June 2020

Alexander Litvin

researcher, pharmacist


Came June, spit fishing (joke). It's time to sit by the water, but sober and in a life jacket.

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Nature itself is very harmonious, and therefore we say that nature does not have bad weather, there is only human arrogance, which often leads to the fact that we are not able to understand nature and are not ready for its changes.

June 2020 is one of the most important periods of the year when many of us will have a hard time and, above all, from the fact that the standby mode was delayed, and patience ended in mid-May. We are like an arrow that is just waiting for the stretched bowstring of patience to break free from the control of our consciousness and send us flying.

Where will we fly? It doesn't matter, it is important to fly, aimless, flying for the sake of flying. This spring has been very long! But it ended, and a dangerous time has come - a time of euphoria, when we are not able to understand the true goal, when we, tired of thinking, discard analytics and see only the bright colors of summer that remove criticality to ourselves, to our desires, to the desires of other people ... We are waiting for changes for the better, believing that everything is over, having passed only half the way. The end of the pandemic seems like a fait accompli, not a June mirage, and this is the most dangerous delusion.

How to hold on? How to understand which picture of the world we see, real or through pink glasses? There is only one answer: standby mode should not be turned off. June must be survived. He has a lot of surprises.

Family love

Despite the fact that we have been at home for almost two months, we are tired of the lack of loneliness - and in June it is high time to make up for it. Help each other, do not interfere with each other, let us be alone, let us be alone with ourselves. This applies to everyone: both children and adults.


The need to revise work priorities is long overdue, but the global question arose only now, when many realized that their work at a certain time suddenly turned out to be of no use to anyone. This seriously affects the perception of the world, but June is not the time to change horses. We are still at the crossing, and for now, the needs of society should be carefully studied, this will be part of our work in June.

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Small people are easier to adapt to various kinds of problems, but physical restraint is difficult. The physiological processes of growth should be associated with physical activity, which frees the mind from depression. To understand their children, adults need to keep up with them, in the literal sense: joint walks, albeit silent, but in the same rhythm. In June, children should be tired, otherwise unspent muscle strength will cause them to risk their health. Maximum control where there are swings and carousels. If the ride inspires the slightest fear or doubt, discard it.


June raises blood sugar, makes the blood denser, and raises the heartbeat. Beware of the heat, it, not the virus, is the main threat that undermines our immunity. Follow your drinking regimen, do not sunbathe, use clothes to protect from the sun, not cream. Monitor the humidity of your dwellings carefully and keep them dry. Pay attention to the health of the older generation. Memory loss always starts in June, remember that.


In June, the priority is fish and juicy greens, the frequent consumption of grilled meat can potentiate the already poorly controlled desire to "fly to nowhere." Salvation will be our traditional okroshka and kvass - the drink of the month, saving from nonsense. Strong alcohol will cause many tragedies and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Money, gifts

Since we are experiencing a serious crisis associated with a paradigm shift in life, we must show maximum thrift and not succumb to temptations. Many things in June seem like essentials, but upon closer inspection it’s just a desire to get something new.


Speed ​​and high-speed transport are a major personal threat. Be careful while driving. The second threat, but more global, is electricity and everything connected with it. These are lightning strikes, short circuits, and contact wires on the railway, in general, everything where metal is interfaced and electricity sparks.

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