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Doctors told how many tangerines can be eaten per day

28.11.2019, 09: 00 EST

A source: RIA News

You can eat four tangerines daily without harm to your health. The fruit is very healthy, it is able to increase immunity, remove toxins from the body and improve mood, so the tradition of eating tangerines for the New Year holidays is very good, according to respondents RIA News the doctors.

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“The average daily dose is four. Mandarins can be consumed every day without overusing the amount, ”said Tamara Pruntseva, a nutritionist at the Healthy and Sports Nutrition Center of the Federal State Budgetary Institution FITS of Nutrition and Biotechnology. She noted that the tradition of eating tangerines for the New Year holidays is generally useful, if there are no contraindications, individual intolerance and allergic reactions to citrus fruits.

The nutritionist Elena Tikhomirova agrees with her. According to her, in winter, the human body usually lacks vitamins, so fruits are needed. Mandarins are low-calorie, while rich in vitamins, including vitamin C, the nutritionist explained.

She noted that it is important to wash tangerines before drinking in warm water, as they can be processed with substances harmful to the body for longer storage.

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Mandarins are useful not only for pulp, but also for peels, they contain many antioxidants, as well as white fibers that divide citrus fruits into slices, they contain flavanoid nobiletin, which has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, stressed Pruntseva.

Doctors agree that the abuse of tangerines can lead to the development of allergic reactions, bloating, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, since fruits contain a large amount of fiber.

Nutritionists recommend eating tangerines in the morning and afternoon until 5 evening hours, the main thing is not to eat them on an empty stomach. If you follow simple recommendations, tangerines will only have a positive effect on human health: they will remove toxins, increase immunity and improve mood, said Pruntseva.

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