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Doctors called ways to protect against breast cancer after 35 years



In order to increase their protection against breast cancer, it is important for women after 35 for years to control their diet, environment and hormones, experts said.

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The Express has published recommendations from doctors in the UK on how to make breast cancer prevention more effective after 35 years, writes Delphi... It is no coincidence that scientists distinguish this age. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women aged 35-54 years.

Nutrition, ecology and hormonal drugs - these three factors, according to foreign experts, adult women need to pay special attention, writes Medicorum.

Method one: avoiding alcohol and eating healthy

According to British doctors, the basis of the diet, which helps to protect against the development of breast cancer, should be vegetables, fruits, legumes, olive and flaxseed oils, lean meat, fish, water.

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As for alcohol, the link between its consumption and the increased risk of breast cancer has been repeatedly confirmed. In this regard, alcohol is harmful in any quantities: with every 10 grams of alcohol per day, the risk of breast cancer increases by 10%.

Method two: more often to be in nature

Doctors recommend women to rest more often in ecologically clean places and to visit nature more often, surrounded by greenery, close to the sea, and mountains. The ability to regularly visit nature and be surrounded by a plant biome helps to strengthen the immune system.

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The peculiarity of the impact of the natural environment on immunity lies in the variety of beneficial microorganisms around. They "train" the immune system and reduce the risk of inflammation associated with cancer.

Method three: control contraceptive use

Experts advise women after 35 for years to use the pill more carefully and look for alternative methods of contraception. According to them, it is necessary to discuss this with a doctor.

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