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Doctors called unexpectedly harmful effect of online shopping


Source: Telegraph

Physiotherapists say that online shopping can be harmful for health, because people stop carrying purchases from supermarkets, which weakens their muscles and health, and also brings old age. Reports about it Telegraph.


On the one hand, all this made life much easier for us - you can not go anywhere, do not look for parking places, do not tolerate indignations of the husband and children in queues, do not fill bags and, in the end, don’t take them home. At a convenient time couriers bring any goods to a convenient place - voila! But physiotherapists disagree that this is all a good idea.

According to the British Community of Physiotherapy, the lack of regular practice of carrying weights, including bags from stores, causes a person to exercise less muscle. That, ultimately, impairs his health in the future and even accelerates aging. Doctors recommend to engage in power loads at least twice a week, including exercises with weights, lifting and carrying weights, including bags with products. Experts also advise people older than 65 to add jumps and step-by-step activities, such as dancing, to their lives.

Professor Karen Middleton, the head of the Community, emphasizes that it is very important for each of us to look for the necessary activity on a daily basis, in everyday life, and not just in gyms. Online shopping can be very convenient, but it deprives people of the opportunity to train between times, which gives very real results on a regular basis.

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