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Penelope Cruz, the physician, told how to deal with 'forty-year-old fatigue'


Source: Sydney Morning Herald

This phenomenon actually exists. Quite possibly, approaching the number “40” in your passport, you really began to get tired more, even without exposing yourself to increased stress. In the fall, the “fatigue of the forties” is exacerbated by the changing seasons.

What can be done? Gives advice Sydney Morning Herald and Dr. Nigma Talib, a naturopath from London who works with Hollywood stars such as Sienna Miller, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Penelope Cruz.

The expert says that women, approaching the age of 40 and crossing this line, do become more prone to chronic fatigue. This is due to hormonal changes that increase not only fatigue, but also the level of anxiety. Often, by this time, a woman had already “owed” herself many hours of sleep after raising children and creating a career; she is fond of coffee in the morning, sugar in the afternoon and wine in the evenings, feeling a lack of energy.

How to beat fatigue? Dr. Talib's tips:

  • Reduce consumption of sugar, wine, gluten and dairy products. “This causes a semblance of an inflammatory process in the body that affects sleep. The doctor advises to replace the wine with a small amount of pure alcohol such as vodka or gin, and introduce more vegetable products into the diet.
  • Take nutritional supplements. They are necessary for maintaining intestinal function, strengthening the immune system and the nervous system - probiotics and fiber, vitamins B, C, D and magnesium. Consult a doctor.
  • Eat fat. Hormones are closely related to the intake of fat in the body, and if you are fond of low-fat diets, it affects the hormones. Add fatty fish, avocados, nuts and seeds to the menu.
  • Do sports. Moderate training three times a week after one and a half months reduces fatigue by 65%, say scientists from the University of Georgia.
  • Sleep enough. Not the fact that eight hours exactly suits you, but you need to get enough sleep every day, not only on weekends. Sleep affects the work of the whole body and to a large extent - the feeling of fatigue.

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