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Back in shape: 8 unusual fitness that you haven't tried.


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Can't force yourself to go to the gym or do yoga? Perhaps it is worth trying something new and interesting, but no less effective.

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1. Slide aerobics

What is the point? Those who know English, have already guessed that in training you will need to slide, writes I Of course, not on ice, but on a special 183x61 size rug. Before the start of classes, you wear special synthetic fabric boot covers - they create a sliding effect.

Exercises resemble the movements of a skier, skater or roller. At the first training sessions, you learn to balance and push off from the slide mat to the entire surface of the foot, and then add classic attacks, body turns, legs and arms moves.

Who is suitable? Anyone who decided to bring his body in shape, especially for people who are overweight. Training does not contain jumps, there are no strong loads on the spine and knees. You just slide, but at the same time lose hundreds of calories.

Effect. The volume of the hips decreases, the buttocks and the inner part of the hips tighten. Slide aerobics provides aerobic exercise (cardiac muscle training), general muscle training and strengthening of joints, develops endurance and improves coordination of movements.

2. Bosu

What is the point? Imagine that the familiar fitball was cut into two parts, in the end turned out to be a completely different sports equipment. Bosu is a platform-hemisphere with a diameter slightly larger than 60 cm with a rubber dome in 30 cm height. The elasticity of the dome can be adjusted through special holes for air injection. The simulator can be used as a dome down, and a dome up - no wonder its name Both Side Use stands for "use from two sides."

Exercises with Bosu are reminiscent of workouts with fitball and step aerobics. In addition, the projectile is suitable for pilates and other types of fitness. Get ready: resisting Bosu will not be easy, especially for the first time.

Who is suitable? Anyone who wants to tighten the figure and be in shape. In addition, classes will be useful to people involved in active sports (snowboarding, downhill skiing, surfing), since Bosu trains movement coordination and grouping skills.

Effect. In training, all muscle groups are involved, so the results will not take long to wait. Of the benefits of basu exercises, there is a correction of posture, increased body flexibility and strengthening of the joints.

3. AntiGravity Yoga

What is the point? Antigravity yoga is becoming more and more popular in Russia. The main feature is that classes are held in a light hammock, mounted on the ceiling. As if you are floating in the air, gravity no longer acts on you.

AntiGravity Yoga relieves the spine and relaxes tight muscles. In the classroom with a hammock, you can perform even the most difficult asanas.

Who is suitable? Those who dream not only to keep the body in shape and become more flexible, but also to remove the accumulated fatigue, feel your body and "fly" over the ground. Suspended yoga is recommended for everyone: even those who are not particularly familiar with Eastern practices can begin.

Effect. Classes antigravity yoga helps relieve stress, improve blood circulation, the development of flexibility and plasticity. Training strengthens the muscles, renews the body and gives you a feeling of complete relaxation.

4. Aquasicling

What is the point? Do you like to ride a bike? And swim in the pool? And what if you put the bike in the pool? Get aquasicling.

The fact is that water resistance is much more air resistance. When you pedal under water, the load on the leg muscles increases several times. The load on the joints and the spine, on the contrary, decreases, which means that this sport has practically no contraindications.

Each exercise bike is adjusted to your height and other parameters in order to be as comfortable as possible.

Who is suitable? Those who want to pump up the buttocks, calves, reduce the volume of the hips and waist.

Effect. Aquasicling lessons not only tighten the figure, train the abdominal muscles and legs, but also help in the fight against cellulite (a kind of hydro-massage perfectly smoothes the skin on problem areas).

5. Electromyostimulation

What is the point? Imagine that your workout lasted just 20 minutes, but your muscles feel as if you were exercising in the gym three times for an hour and a half. Sounds implausible?

The secret is that before training you put on a thin, tight-fitting suit, and on top of it - an electrode vest, belt and cuffs that distribute electromagnetic impulses to different muscle groups.

So your muscles tighten and relax at a certain speed (sometimes up to several tens of cycles per second!) And in a certain sequence. You can even lie on the floor, and your muscles will continue to work.

Who is suitable? Those who want to have an excellent figure with a minimum return on training, who is contraindicated strong physical exertion.

Effect. Electromyostimulation increases muscle tone: they acquire a pronounced relief. Classes contribute to the reduction of body fat and the disappearance of puffiness, in addition, training improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.

6. Cycling RealRyder

What is the point? An ordinary exercise bike is too boring: you pedal yourself for an hour and nothing happens. How new is in the world of fitness RealRyder is the world's only dynamic cycling simulator. Thanks to the movable frame you get the full illusion of a real bicycle race: with sharp turns, turns, inclinations and ascents up the hill.

For forty minutes of training, you will become a real cycle marathon runner: you will cover several tens of kilometers over rough terrain or mountains.

Who is suitable? Those who like exciting, exciting and dynamic workouts, who want to bring their body into shape in a fast and unusual way.

Effect. During classes on RealRyder involved the muscles of the legs, abdominals, lower back and back. Works respiratory system and vestibular apparatus. The body becomes taut and prominent.

7. Bestiality

What is the point? No, this is not training for dogs, fish or hamsters. ZUU is a special program that includes exercises that imitate the movements of animals. The basis of training consists of only seven movements: thrust, push, twist, bend, squat, kick and jump.

Within one hour, you will feel like a flamingo, monkey, panther, crab or frog. By the way, you can do bestiality at home.

Who is suitable? Those who like classic fitness, but want something original and fun.

Effect. For half an hour zoofitness you lose about 500 calories. Classes train the abdominal muscles, legs, buttocks and back.

8. Kangoo jumps

What is the point? Want to jump like a kangaroo? Then try Kangoo Jumps - classes in special boots with springs. One shoe weighs almost two kilograms: just imagine what your legs will be! The main advantage of training in jumpers is that the load on the muscles increases, and on the joints, on the contrary, decreases (the main load goes to the springs of the shoes).

It is believed that classes in boots with springs are absolutely not traumatic and have no contraindications: you only need to learn how to keep balance - and you can start training.

Who is suitable? Those who want to lose weight, pump up the muscles of the hips and the press, who are prohibited from excessive stress on the joints, who love active and fun workouts.

Effect. Pumped back and inner thigh, abdominal muscles, back and arms. Thanks to Kangoo Jumps training, the cardiovascular system improves, the lymphatic system is activated, exercises correct posture and strengthen the spine. In one hour of training, you will lose almost 1300 calories!

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