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Age or plastic? Alsou fans discuss the new face of the singer


Source: 7 Days

The actress compared how she looked before and now.

Alsou provoked a heated discussion on the Web about the alleged plastic surgery. The singer posted in a personal blog two of his portraits, made with a difference in 20 years, writes 7 Days.

Comparison of fresh and archival photos of the singer led to heated debates of the artist's fans. Some insist on the obvious difference and write that Alsou resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. “Alsou, you won’t recognize you ... Stay yourself”, “Now all the stars are the same person”, “Completely different face”, “Previously, natural was beauty, and now everything is redone,” “Spoiled appearance, return it as it was,” they write Alsou the fans.

There were also those who believe the performer, who has already many times denied rumors about the interventions. Still, the archival photo of Alsou is captured by a very young girl. As she grew older, her features also changed. She gave birth to three children, which was reflected in her weight (she was very thin). And besides, for 20 years, trends in makeup have changed. The singer, for example, once told me that following a modern fashion, she specially “paints” her lips more puppetly.

Alsou, of course, was hardly pleased to read the reasoning of web users about how she changed and what exactly “corrected” in appearance. However, the singer pays a little attention to life in social networks. Recently, she even gave herself a small Instagram detox. A great example for fans who are too passionate about existence in the virtual world.

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