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Eight Foods We've Always Cooked Wrong


Source: Rambler

The devil is in the details. Hardly often most of us think about the neglect with which we use the potential of the usual contents of our refrigerators and vegetable baskets.

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Or rather, we don’t even spend it - this potential is simply not revealed, writes Rambler. The culture of cooking gives way to a banal desire to swallow something, digest it and, at the very least, assimilate it, temporarily defeating hunger before its next arrival.

Until today, the products on our list seemed completely banal, but imagine - their optional is able to expand to useful properties. And we not only want to dissuade you from the fact that talking about nutrients is the lot of chemists, nutritionists and cooks. First of all, we invite you to join the right, healthy and conscious diet.


For fried potatoes, boiled potatoes, french fries and mashed potatoes, most of us traditionally turn to the white variety of this crop. If you have your own plot of land, make an exception and plant purple potatoes next year. Much more whimsical to care for, this variety will reward the effort - it will lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cancer risks.


Shredded or grated, hot processed carrots, such as boiling, lose all their useful properties. We draw conclusions: wash the root crop, peel it and immerse it in boiling water entirely - studies have shown that this type of preparation increases the biological value of carotenoids.


Not everyone has an unambiguous attitude towards tea, but if we talk about its positive effect on the body, then with moderate use it serves as a prophylactic for diseases of the cardiovascular system. What can deprive him of this function is milk. Leave this recipe to the Brits.


If you prefer to push it and not cut it, then here’s another tip: after crushing, don’t touch it for about ten minutes - the gruel will be filled with a special enzyme called callicin, which will improve the passage of platelets through the circulatory system, which is certainly only for the benefit .

Salad dressing

The word "fat-free" is not always synonymous with "healthy". Several studies show that fat-free salad dressings reduce the risk of obesity and help you better absorb the range of nutrients your salad contains.

Fruit crops

There are better apples and pears than unripe ones - no one will argue with that. But what does this give us in terms of nutrition? Chlorophyll is completely destroyed in the fruits that have reached the condition, and this leads to an increase in antioxidants.


It is difficult to explain to children that broccoli is one of the most effective plants in preventing cancers such as breast and skin cancer. While the children unanimously hate it, know that only steamed broccoli (not fried or boiled) retains all the components important for this fight. You can improve their properties by including broccoli in spicy dishes.


The yellow color of mustard is due to the natural dye curcumin, which is obtained through some chemical reactions from the root of turmeric. In addition to coloring, curcumin is another food that can help reduce the chances of getting some types of cancer.

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