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Eight mistakes when choosing and using underwear


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Experts have identified 8 errors that we make when choosing and using underwear. If mistreated, this wardrobe item can cause health problems and discomfort. He writes about it News you.

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Every woman knows how difficult it is to find the right underwear. And even with the most successful selection, in the process of use there is discomfort. In some places, underwear begins to crush, and after wearing there are irritations and discomfort.

If you are familiar with such problems, then you should pay attention to the 8 errors that were voiced by experts:

1. When choosing a linen, keep in mind that the set of daily linen should not be cramped, since when used it will press in the most tender places. Tight sets in your wardrobe will not hurt, but leave them for special occasions.

2. Thongs are undoubtedly a sexy item of underwear, but, alas, they are completely unsuitable for daily use. Moreover, thong panties often cause the spread of infections on the genitals, since all the bacteria in intimate places will interact with each other.

3. When choosing underwear, pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. The most comfortable underpants to use are made of breathable fabric, such as cotton. Silk underwear for daily wear is not the best option, but problems are guaranteed from synthetic fabrics.

4. It is necessary to change underwear daily, and in summer and after exercise - even more often, for example, twice a day. Sweat and impurities that accumulate during exercise or in hot weather, contribute to the proliferation of bacteria, resulting in infections and irritation.

5. Pay attention to what you wash your underwear. Do not use strong detergents. And the area of ​​intimate areas is generally not recommended to wash with chemical means. This can cause irritation, redness and even allergic reactions. Choose to wash neutral powders and soaps.

6. You should not refuse to use underwear, even in hot weather. But if the case is special, then it is worth monitoring intimate hygiene very closely. And clothes that you wore without underwear should be washed thoroughly with neutral detergents. Also, be careful with the seams, for example in jeans. They can rub on delicate skin.

7. Doctors recommend giving rest to your body and skin at night and taking off your underwear for the night. This is useful primarily for men, since an excess of heat in the intimate areas can degrade the quality of male sperm.

8. Do not use your underwear as pockets. This is especially true of the habit of hiding money or personal items in a bathing suit in a bra. This puts your health at risk, since the money contains a large number of microbes.

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