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Bikini thieves and Christmas tree tracing: 10 most ridiculous Christmas crimes



Even such a bright holiday as Christmas does not stop people from breaking the law. The portal tells about ten ridiculous crimes committed during the Christmas days

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Theft of the 90-kilogram statue of Rudolph deer

On December 12, 2014, the Grinch stole something more than a Christmas spirit: a 90-kilogram statue of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Fawn disappeared from the top of the city sign in Los Angeles. The statue has been a festive symbol of the South Bay region of Rolling Hills Estates for 50 years.

A few days after the theft, police received a tip from a viewer and found a wooden statue on the roof of a RV in Gardena. (We assure you, given the weight of the statue, it was hard to miss.) The owner of the house was arrested for possession of stolen goods. It turned out that he was a gardener who worked in the area where the statue had disappeared and was directly involved in the crime.

Stealing Christmas decorations

In 2014, police arrested a Colorado Springs couple for stealing $ 2000 worth of Christmas decorations from their neighbors. The couple was so impudent that they were not afraid to immediately put the scenery outside their house.

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“Every night, at 2-3 o'clock, my husband went out for a walk and new decorations appeared on the lawn in front of the house,” said the woman, who claimed that she did not know where the decorations came from.

Donkey killing

In December 2014, a Christmas donkey was crushed to death by an obese man who climbed into his pen in Spain.

The five-month-old animal Platero was not meant to be ridden - it was part of a Christmas show in Lucena, Andalusia. However, according to a complaint from animal rights organizations, the 146-pound man climbed onto the back of the donkey to take a picture on it. Two days after the incident on December 10, local residents noticed that the small animal was barely standing on its feet. The donkey died the next morning after being taken to the vet - the baby was unable to recover from his injuries.

Bikini thieves

South Johnston (population 500) never had anything interesting going on until four bikini-wearing criminals were spotted on Christmas 2013. They ran headlong down the street because they stole the Christmas lights at night.

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The ladies managed to steal only 30 solar-powered lamps from the lawns in front of two houses. They failed to steal any more, as a neighbor saw them and chased the criminals. The malefactors soon ran across a nearby football field and then disappeared into a small town. The police never found these extravagant criminals.

Gift knife in the back

In 2013, a man who gave his girlfriend a sirloin knife for Christmas ended up in a Seattle hospital the next day with a stab wound. Investigators from the Everett Police Department, the Critical Affairs Division, believe that the girl stabbed her boyfriend with a gift knife.

She stated that he threatened her with reprisals several times and a couple of days before Christmas they had a big fight. The girl told the police that the guy promised to "cut her into pieces and throw her into the river."

Goat on fire

In 2013, vandals from Sweden traditionally burned a giant straw goat, symbolizing the Christmas spirit. This has been happening every year for 27 years in a row.

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A straw goat with a height of 13 meters and a weight of 3,6 tons, located in the town square in Havel, was once again set on fire according to a criminal tradition almost as old as the custom of the appearance of a goat itself, which originated in 1966.

Flower mafia

In 2013, Italian police arrested four mobsters for extortion related to Christmas. The men forced shopkeepers to buy poinsettia (a plant known in Italy as “Christmas stars”) at 100 times wholesale prices, demanding € 100 per plant for three years in a row.

Store owners who rejected the Mafia's "Christmas Promotional Offer" were vandalized.

Help find: "2 meters high, lots of green twigs and needles"

"If anyone has information on the location of this tree, please contact us!"

This was the message that was posted on the Facebook page of Falmouth Police Station, UK. The police described the tree as “2 meters high, lots of green twigs and needles” (after all, only very unique trees that are difficult to miss, right?) The message caused a lot of fun in the comments. Whether the loss was found is not reported.

Narco Santa

In 2012, a BMW SUV was stopped by police at a checkpoint in Ohio at about 11 a.m. A drug-trained dog smelled contraband, and the police searched the car. As a result, 13 kilograms of hydroponic marijuana was found, wrapped as Christmas gifts. The cost of the find is about $ 192.

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Cyber ​​Grinch Tricks

The day after Christmas in 2013, the founders of Bitcoin's alternative e-cash storage system reported that their servers had been hacked, causing their customers to lose millions of digital coins.

Fortunately, given that one dogecoin is worth around $ 0,00059, the millions of coins in total were only worth $ 12.

The hack was not directed to specific accounts, but to the official Dogewallet page, which was changed so that all transactions were redirected to a fake account instead of a legitimate one.

The founders of Dogewallet said that the people affected by the hack would be compensated, but the credibility of the new e-cash system was eroded and the day ruined for the people.

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