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The thief could not get out of the closed shop and called 911 with the request to release her


Source: Fox8

Photo from a surveillance camera,

The unlucky thief specifically hid in the fitting room to clean out the store after closing, but when she could not get out with all the loot, she called the police asking her to free her.

According to the portal Fox8, the incident occurred in a department store in Kent (Ohio) in March, but the data on this case, the police revealed just now. 35-year-old suspect Joan Havens insists she is innocent.

But the investigators in the surveillance cameras found that the thief waited until the employees of the shopping center left their jobs, then she left the shelter in the fitting room, walked through the rows, collecting her favorite things, and then headed for the exit. There she found the doors locked. After that, the woman called the police and reported that she was late in the dressing room and did not have time to leave the store before closing.

As it turned out, the police outfit was already driving to the mall, because the security alarm system responded to the woman’s movement in the building.

Despite the fact that the police found a woman in her bosom and bag, the woman continues to insist that she did not steal anything. The case of Joan Havens submitted to the court.

Recall that a few months ago, the Arlington court convicted a fraudster for 30 months. Inventive Thai I bought designer accessories in stores, and then returned fakes, earning a million dollars on it. For many years, Prematch Smatzorabudh bought expensive boutiques from famous designers, such as Gucci, Burberry and Fendi. Then she personally came to the shops and returned the fakes that were indistinguishable from the original, which she personally ordered in China and Hong Kong.

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