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How much does a professor's health insurance cost you and what will it cover


Since the husband became a professor, our insurance has changed. Previously, when he was a postdoc (postdoctoral researcher) we paid 45 $ per family per month. The rest (more 1000 $) paid by the university. Also in our plan was copay $ 10 is the amount that you need to pay from your pocket at each visit. In fact, we paid copay just a couple of times. But I didn’t figure out why, they don’t ask to pay, and that's fine.


At the university where the husband works, there is a union of postdocs, to which 1% of salary is deducted, and they in turn help defend the rights of postdocs. It is this union that has achieved such a low cost of insurance for postdoc.
For professors of this raspberry is not.

Now our insurance costs 275 $ per month, copay 20 $. I always thought that the privileges of professors in terms of medicine should be greater and insurance is better. And no. Steeper status, you get more, so pay more for insurance too. Even in the new insurance there is no clinic where we went before! On the one hand, I feel sorry for me, since I liked my gynecologist, whom I chose very carefully during pregnancy, and not in vain, my birth was like in a fairy tale. On the other hand, I have long wanted to try another pediatrician. Our pediatrician doesn’t know what a child’s tone, swimming, gymnastics and massage consider to be entertainment for parents, never gives advice, I always ask myself a lot of questions.


Reception is limited to weighing, measuring, examining the skin, eyes, ears and vaccinations, a printout with the trajectory of the child’s development is handed over, everything is examined by one doctor, sent to other specialists only when necessary. But perhaps this is the right approach when the child is considered initially as healthy, and not make premature diagnoses. At least none of the American women complained to me. Tomorrow Valeria will have a six-month reception at the new doctor in the new clinic. Let's see what our visits will be now. You also need to re-select doctors for yourself.

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