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In Florida, a teenager was tested for influenza, and cancer was found in the 4 stage.


Source: USA Today

Doctors told a 16-year-old boy from Tampa, Florida that he had the flu - all of the symptoms pointed to that particular illness. But after a few weeks it turned out that the diagnosis was wrong.

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Hunter Brady's breathing difficulties and fatigue turned out to be the last stage of cancer - Hodgkin's lymphoma, with which the boy lived for several months, says USA Today.

A teenager began to receive chemotherapy, fighting for his life. The fourth stage of Hodgkin's lymphoma has a probability of 5-year survival of about 65%, but the presence of symptoms that Hunter has suggests that his form of the disease is more complex and will require more intensive treatment, according to the American Cancer Society.

For the first time, symptoms appeared in a boy in November 2017.

“We didn’t know then that his right lung stopped working, and the left one lost its functions by 30%,” said the boy’s mother, Cheryl.

After the prescribed medications did not work, the Brady family received another authoritative opinion. Computed tomography showed both the failed lung and the fluid in the airway. Hunter, who said that he was abused online because of his cancer, will go through a course of radiation therapy after the end of the chemotherapy protocol.

In the future, the boy dreams of becoming a pastor.

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