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In Florida, two children died in hot machines in one day


Source: Mirror

On Friday in Florida, two children died after being left in hot cars - both unrelated shocking incidents stemmed from parental neglect.

The machine, where they found the dead one year old baby. Photo: Sandoval

29-year-old daughter Kayline Pollard was found in a car at the Wawa gas station in Sanford, Florida, at 4: 40 afternoon Friday. Mother charged with manslaughter, writes Mirror. The girl died after spending the whole day in a red-hot car, because the mother forgot to take her to the kindergarten before heading off to work.

Photo: YouTube frame

The woman left the child in the car seat in the back seat in the morning and went to work for 8: 30. She returned to the car almost at 5 in the evening and at first did not notice her daughter. Pollard went to dinner and stopped at a gas station on the way when she realized that there was a child in the car. According to the police, when they arrived at the scene, the girl was already dead.

Photo: Seminole County Sheriffs Office

Pollard was arrested and later released on bail of 20 thousand dollars. She will stand trial on October 23.

According to the meteorological service, that day the temperature in the region was 34 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately, the girl turned out to be not an only childwho died in the same circumstances on the same day. An hour before this incident, another tragedy occurred.

Parking where the boy was found in the car. Photo: sky13 frame

A four-year-old boy was found in a car in a parking lot in Orlando at about 3:30 am local time. A passer-by saw the child and raised the alarm. It is unclear at this point how long the boy stayed inside the car - the car was locked, the engine turned off.

Photo: Twitter

The boy was taken to the hospital, where he was declared dead. On that day in Orlando, the air temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius.

Police are investigating both deaths.

Over the past ten years, more than 750 children in the United States have died due to the fact that they were left in a hot car in the sun. As the study found, child life threatened in a parked car can rise in an hour or two, depending on the weather on the street and the place where she was left, writes Time.

On a hot day, a car parked in direct sunlight can reach temperatures that are dangerous for a child in about an hour. If the car is parked in the shade, then a dangerous temperature level will be established there in about two hours.

The researchers explained that the baby is at risk for his life and health at a time when the body due to the large amount of heat loses its ability to regulate body temperature, which leads to organ failure, brain damage and death. This process begins at a temperature in the car of 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

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