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Attention - on the eyes: how and what to paint with when half of the face is covered by a mask


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When the face is half-covered with a mask, others pay attention to the eyes. How to achieve their stunning look, which mascara to give preference to, how to dye eyelashes correctly, they write "To lead Israel".

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It is no coincidence that mascara is one of the most popular makeup products in the world, because when you emphasize your eyes with mascara, you immediately feel different - festive and somehow especially bright. Even if it's the only thing you've used for makeup. Nowadays, when we have to wear a mask that hides half of the face, mascara is becoming the most essential element of makeup - people around us mostly see our eyes and, of course, we want them to look perfect. Therefore, it is worth choosing mascara that will not only emphasize the color and shape of the eyes, but also make the eyelashes lifted, long and expressive.

What to look for when choosing mascara?

Brush: small or large

A small brush will help paint over every lash, even the smallest and shortest ones. The large brush allows very long lashes to be completely covered and significantly thickened. The size of the brush also matters for convenience, but this is everyone's personal business. Some will find it more convenient to paint their eyelashes with a large brush, others are more accustomed to painting with a small one.

Bristles: thin or thick

The fine bristle brush is suitable for lengthening short lashes, while the thick thick bristle brush will add expression to eyes with sparse lashes and help enhance eye-catching makeup. If you need both, choose a brush that combines long and short bristles.

Silicone based mascara

Silicone mascara is generally more delicate than other mascara materials. Before buying such mascara, it is important to pay attention that the bristles on the brushes are not too thick, otherwise clumps may form during the application of mascara on the eyelashes.

Product texture and quality

Try to choose mascara that contains hypoallergenic ingredients to protect sensitive eyes. If you have particularly sensitive eyes, pay attention to the label on the packaging: it should state that the mascara is for sensitive eyes and has been allergen tested.

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Shelf life

Always pay attention to the expiration date of your cosmetics. Mascara can usually be used for several months to six months. However, before you apply eyelash makeup, check the smell and consistency of the product - if the mascara smells bad or dried out, it is better to part with it.

Care of eyelashes

Well-groomed eyelashes always look better. Do not neglect eyelash serum and other eye care products: their wheatgrass oil or vitamin E nourishes and moisturizes the eyelashes.

How to properly apply mascara on eyelashes

  • The mascara will only look perfect when your lashes are completely dry.
  • During the day, mascara is best applied near a window with natural light.
  • Mascara is applied in front of a mirror - eyes wide open and chin raised. Keeping the brush in a horizontal position, start from the upper lashes, on the inside of the eye, brushing from the bottom up. Quickly, so that the mascara on the brush does not dry out, repeat the steps one to three times.
  • For a bold and rich look, use the layer-to-layer method. Want to achieve maximum expressiveness? Paint your lashes several times. However, experts believe that three layers of mascara are enough.
  • When applying mascara, make sure that it is not too dry and not too wet on the brush, otherwise lumps may form on the eyelashes, mascara may crumble on the eyelids or spread under the eyes.
  • If you want to achieve a particularly spectacular look, powder your eyelashes a little and only then apply mascara on them.
  • You can add special expressiveness to your eyes using several shades of mascara. For example, paint over the outer cilia with blue ink, and the inner ones with black. The wow effect is guaranteed.

In order not to spoil the makeup of the entire face, you should start by coloring the eyelashes and only then move on to the makeup of the rest of the face. When painting on the lower lashes, lower your chin down so that mascara does not get into your eyes and does not smear over the eyelids.

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