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The owner of an illegal garden from Oregon will spend 21 a year in prison 


Source: Fox News

Photo: Facebook / January Neatherlin

32-year-old Dzhyuari Niterlin, who threw small children. some of which were only six months old, in their illegal kindergarten in Bend, Oregon, to go to a solarium and fitness, was sentenced to 21 year and four months in prison.

Niterlin was accused of 11 cases of criminal abuse of children and in three cases of violence against them, reports Fox News.

The woman was arrested in 2017 after police discovered that seven children under five were left unattended at her center called Little Giggles.

Law enforcers said she forced the children to take melatonin so that they could fall asleep before they went to take care of themselves. According to the investigation, the woman has repeatedly used this drug.

According to the court, Niterlin’s actions led to behavioral problems in some children, as well as other negative consequences for their families.

One family said their daughter suffered a brain injury while in the Little Giggles Center; Many parents said that because of the drug that Niterlin gave their children, the kids developed insomnia.

According to authorities, the woman was engaged in illegal custody of children for about four years; she lied to her parents that she had a nurse license, although she didn’t actually have that qualification.

In March, 2017, while already under police surveillance, Niterlin left the child care center at least twice and went about her business while the little ones were left unattended.

The woman told her parents that children should not be brought in or taken from 11: 00 to 14: 00, referring to the fact that her pupils are sleeping at this time. According to the police, she used these watches to leave the center and look at her appearance.

Earlier, Niterlin was already accused of ill-treatment of children, the sentences were pronounced to her under the names of Dzhenjuari Livsey and Dzhenjuari Brooks.

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