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U visa: 'hard' way of immigration


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One of the lesser-known ways of legal immigration to the United States is a U-category visa, or an injured visa. Claim to get it can people who are victims or witnesses of crimes committed in the United States. The visa guarantees the right to work and reside in America in exchange for assistance in solving a crime.

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To qualify for a U visa, the applicant is “required” to become a victim or witness of kidnapping, human trafficking, various types of violence and even murder (here, of course, we are talking about witnesses), the list includes 25 types of crimes.

Important: the offense must have a territorial link - domestic violence in Russia or Canada will not be the basis for obtaining a US visa.

How does this happen? For example, a citizen of El Salvador was mutilated by criminals near Los Angeles. During the investigation it turned out that he himself had illegally entered the territory of the United States. But after the man told all the details to the authorities and began to assist in solving the crime, he received a U-category visa for 4, with the possibility of further processing a green card.

Despite the rigidity of this method of immigration, and there are violators. Litigation about domestic violence in the claims of foreign women married to US citizens has become more frequent. So women are trying to legitimize their stay in the country without undergoing immigration procedures. During the investigation, fraud, as a rule, is revealed, which may result in deportation and a ban on entry into the United States.

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