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'He pleaded guilty, because he was nervous with a hangover': Mikhail Efremov testified in court


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On August 31, in the Presnensky Court of Moscow, a regular hearing was held in the case of Mikhail Efremov. He is accused of driving drunk and causing an accident on the Garden Ring, in which the 57-year-old courier Sergei Zakharov died. At the meeting, the actor gave evidence in the case. Here are some key episodes of the meeting, followed by the special correspondent "Jellyfish" Christina Safonova.

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At a meeting on August 21, the actor refused his defenders - Elman Pashayev and Elizaveta Shargorodskaya - but three days later he again signed an agreement with them. The meeting starts at 11 am. For the next hour, lawyer Pashayev filed petitions one after another. Among other things, he asks to check the windshield of the jeep in which Efremov was traveling, from the passenger side for traces of biological origin (the actor himself stated that during the accident he could ride in the passenger seat). And if such traces are found, appoint an examination. The court refuses. Then Efremov himself repeats the request.

“The court fulfilled the last wish of those sentenced to death. I was already sentenced to death on June 9 through all federal channels where [the victims' lawyers] went. I ask you! This is my last wish, ”he turns to judge Elena Abramova. But she refuses again.

Then Pashayev asks that Efremov be sent for treatment to the Serbsky Institute "to restore his memory." But again he is refused. The lawyer's next petition is similar - to conduct a psychiatric examination of Efremov in order to establish whether he could have given reliable testimony about the circumstances of the accident immediately after the accident. The court again denies the defense.

However, the lawyer does not give up and asks the court to examine the recordings from 22 street surveillance cameras installed in Glazovsky Lane, which is adjacent to the Garden Ring.

“There is a [video] from Plotnikov Lane, where the pub [where Efremov drank that evening]. From Glazovsky [camera] only shows that [Efremov's] car is leaving for the Garden Ring. And on this street someone could sit next to him, ”explains Pashayev. And again he is refused.

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"I admitted guilt, because I was nervous with a hangover."

Efremov's memories of June 8, in his own words, are sketchy. He says that he started drinking the day before: after a visit to the Sovremennik theater, "I found three bottles at home." On June 8, he "vaguely begins to remember" from 3 to 5 pm. He describes what is happening also not very clearly: "got drunk, got drunk", "a friend said that I called him at 12 o'clock, completely drunk", "then went by taxi, looking for beer."

“Maybe I gave in myself. Maybe they pulled me into the car. But it's better not to take my testimony into account, because I was very drunk. And I don’t understand where I got the drugs. How the doctor found cocaine in my blood. I had parties three days before, but I don’t remember my craving for drugs, ”says the actor.

The first memories after the accident, continues Efremov, are of how he is sitting with the investigator. The actor calls him "a nice person." He does not remember a medical examination. When he left the investigator, friends met him. And on the morning of June 9, the defendant says, “the unfortunate Zakharov died,” and he was taken to court.

“What else can I say? - continues Efremov. - I do not remember anything. No blow, nothing. I was shown here [video] when I allowed myself to talk about a literary character. I shouldn't have allowed it. I saw myself on the screen in a terrible state. On a great big screen. "

And he adds: “I'm afraid to use some of the memories, because maybe I made it up for myself. I do not understand. Central television began to analyze this accident with such delight. I think if there were shots where I get out of the wheel, they would be shown as often as the crash shots that are now shown in cropped form. I still ask, the last request is to make a biological examination of the machine. "

- Why did you first admit guilt? - asks the lawyer Pashayev.

- I admitted guilt, because I was nervous with a hangover. Not even with a hangover, but poisoned, - says Efremov.

As in previous meetings, he repeats: he was strongly influenced by the fact that on television, without a doubt, they spoke about his guilt in an accident. And then suddenly he remembers the video from the scene of the accident. “It can be seen that I say: 'I am guilty.' Although in fact I said: "Not guilty." There is "not" cut out.

“I still didn't want to admit that I was a murderer. In my video, I didn't admit it. I tried to explain to the Zakharovs that I was ready to make contact. I can find contact with the Zakharovs, - says Efremov. - And I expressed my condolences to the Zakharovs many times. In the early days, journalists were interviewing, but they cut out these words. They didn't write anything about it. "

“I understood that if I admit guilt, the deadline would be lower,” adds the actor. “It’s my fault — she’s drunk.” But I don't want to take all the blame for the Great October Revolution on myself. "

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“I have in my hands the opinion of the commission of experts dated June 18,” says the lawyer of the victims, Alexander Dobrovinsky, “it says from your words that you drove a Cherokee jeep at a speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour, drove into the oncoming lane. Then you remembered what happened 10 days ago. Please comment.

“I'm not a commentator,” Efremov answers dryly.

The next questions are asked by Irina Khairullina, representing the interests of the widow, younger son and brother of Sergei Zakharov.

- You mean you didn't use drugs?

“Of course not,” Efremov answers.

- How then can you explain that before the same commission they said that you periodically use drugs and do not see anything wrong with that?

- I can explain that I spoke in a way that pleased the psychiatrist. Now I am talking to you so that you will be pleased.

- You said at the last meeting that you could ride in the passenger seat with a belt on. Could you demonstrate? - Khairullina addresses Efremov with one more question.

- You know, my shooting day is too expensive, - the actor answers.

Lawyer Anna Butyrina, also representing the victims, wants to join the interrogation, but Efremov immediately reprimands her for talking to him while sitting. Butyrina explains that she received permission from the judge.

- I'm twice your age! - does not accept the arguments of the lawyer Efremov. And in response to the explanations of Judge Abramova that he, too, may not get up with her permission, says: "If she [Butyrina] lies down, I will be pleased."

Efremov clearly does not want to answer the lawyer's questions. Therefore, either he does it dryly and almost not meaningfully, or he uses the 51st article of the Constitution.

- Do you exclude the possibility that you were not in the car at all? And you got to the accident scene in some other way? - asks the judge Abramova.

- I don't exclude it. Need to check.

“You said that you drank a bottle of vodka,” continues Abramova.

- It was at home, then I continued.

- What did you drink?

- Beer, another liter of vodka. I went to the store next to my house, "Aromatny World".

The prosecution asks to read out the testimony of Efremov, which he gave during the preliminary investigation. For example, on June 9, the actor said that he admitted his guilt and repented. He also reported that at the time of the accident he was alone in the car. On June 17 - already in the presence of lawyers Pashayev and Shargorodskaya - Efremov again pleaded guilty and confirmed that his car "was in a technically sound condition."

“On June 7, Orthodox Russia celebrated the day of the Holy Trinity. I am a believer, I noted and consumed alcohol, - says Efremov's testimony. - June 8 is also an Orthodox holiday. And I also celebrated with friends, drank. [Actor] Alexei Gorbunov called me and said that his mother was in the hospital. I got into the car. The speed of movement, it seems to me, was 70–80 kilometers per hour. I cannot explain what happened as I was in a deranged state. Immediately before the accident, I drove to the opposite side. I fully admit my guilt in causing death by negligence. "

Efremov confirms that he gave such testimony. But once again he notes: “What the society expected of me, I said. I was in shock then. I had a lot of worries: because of my condition, because of Sergei Zakharov. I had a difficult life situation. It was easier for me to agree than to defend myself, as I do now. "

At the end of the interrogation, the actor emphasizes: in his opinion, the fault in the accident has not been proven.

As ForumDaily Woman wrote earlier:

  • June 8, Mikhail Efremov, while intoxicated, became the culprit of an accident in the center of Moscow. His car crashed into a van. His driver, a courier Sergei Zakharov, died soon in the hospital due to injuries incompatible with life. Efremov was sent under house arrest until August 9.
  • Journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, who has known Mikhail Efremov since childhood, said that the artist started drinking alcohol at age 13.
  • On June 13, the artist performed in front of the public and apologized to relatives - but he did it in the video, and not at a meeting or on the phone.
  • June 16 for the first time commented at the Sovremennik Theater.
  • June 18, the first statement made son of Mikhail Efremov, famous actor Nikita Efremov.
  • At the first court session on August 5, Efremov stated that doesn't remember anything about the accident, so he cannot admit guilt. Earlier, the defense of Efremov stated that the artist was definitely in the car at the time of the accident, but it was not proven that he was driving. The actor himself said that he did not remember the events of that evening at all. He disagreed with the charges.
  • August 6 at the Presnensky Court of Moscow the meeting was held in the case of Mikhail Efremov. Eyewitnesses said that the driver Mikhail Zakharov was conscious after the collision, and Efremov could hardly stand on his feet.
  • On August 7, Mikhail Efremov's lawyer Elman Pashayev said that his client does not admit his guilt in a fatal road accident in the center of Moscow. In light of the new statement of non-recognition of guilt, the journalists wanted to know how Efremov himself explains the accident. But his lawyer refused to answer the question about this, referring to the secrecy of the investigation.

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