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Weighing 107 kg Canadian lost weight twice after her husband threw


Source: Daily Mail

33-year-old resident of Toronto, Canada, Jennifer Velardi suffered from obesity... She is a teacher by profession and weighed over 107 kilograms. However, after her husband went on vacation and from there sent her an e-mail that he would not return to her, the woman decided to pull herself together and lose weight.

“It was like I got a slap in the face that awakened me from my emotional coma,” Velardi said.

An unexpected separation from her husband for Jennifer was a turning point in life. Only after the divorce, she decided to take care of herself.

In 2010, Jennifer married her lover, whose name she did not name. In 2011, her mother, who suffered from a mental disorder, committed suicide. After the tragedy, the woman could not recover for a long time. Due to stress, she began to recover.

“I started eating even more,” Jennifer said. - I AM I tried to fill the emptiness I felt inside, and also drown out all the pain I felt. "

In a difficult moment, her husband did not support Jennifer, which only aggravated her condition.

“Our marriage has cracked. Due to stress, I became very stout, so the relationship between us deteriorated sharply. He never told me in the face that my excess weight pushes him away. His behavior spoke for him: I began to feel unwelcome and unattractive, ”she admitted.

That all changed in 2014, when Velardi's husband went to the Dominican Republic alone on vacation to see his relatives. He never returned home.

For nearly three years, Jennifer eats properly and regularly goes in for sports. In 2016, she had abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and brachioplasty (correction of sagging of the skin of the hands). For July 2017, she is scheduled to lift her hips.

Now Jennifer can do a lot of things she couldn’t have done before: ride the rides (which she hadn’t fit in before), engage in active sports, wear bikinis.

Now the woman's weight is only 62 kilograms - this is almost half of her original weight before losing weight.

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