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Things in the house that you should get rid of as soon as possible


Source: Express News

Everyone knows about the need to maintain order in the house. But everyone has a different concept about this order. Psychologists have compiled a list of things that people need to get rid of in the first place to maintain order and comfort in the home.

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Boxes and packaging

Almost all people eventually accumulate unnecessary packaging and boxes at home, they write Express News. Some people do not throw them away on purpose, so that they can then put some things in them or just keep them in reserve. Psychologists believe that collecting empty boxes and packages is not the most useful habit that you better not start.

Jewelry and cosmetics

This item is more suitable for girls who like to store a large amount of cosmetics and jewelry at home. They no longer use much of this and are unlikely to ever be, but for some reason keep these things on their shelves. Psychologists urge such people to accustom themselves to quickly and easily part with cosmetics and jewelry that you probably will no longer need.

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Spoiled things

Psychologists include all things with defects that people for some reason continue to keep at home in this category. As an example, spoiled clothing in the form of torn socks, T-shirts and jackets. Some individuals do not even notice, just after time they grab the same socks from the shelf, find a hole in them, but, instead of throwing them away, they put them back in place. In the same way, many behave with towels, linen and other items.

Chipped dishes

Psychologists classify dishes with chips as a separate category, since they are not just spoiled things, but they can also be a health hazard. In addition, according to Eastern experts, the storage of old dishes at home attracts poverty and misery.

Wilted flowers

This item also applies more to the fair sex, who are in no hurry to throw away bouquets of flowers presented to them even at the moment when they obviously fade and, instead of a pleasant smell, start to stink. According to psychologists, girls often seek to keep things donated to them for as long as possible, which is not always normal. And feng shui experts add that dried flowers begin to transfer to the people who are near them the energy of loneliness and despondency.

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Old checks

A very impressive number of people stubbornly keep at home all the old checks they receive in stores. And it's one thing when someone goes through them, separating those that can still be useful (for example, to maintain a guarantee for a product) from unnecessary ones. But it is a completely different matter when some people keep old checks in bags, although they obviously will never touch them again, but for some reason they inspire themselves to the contrary.

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