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There are few things, there are many images: we collect capsule and basic wardrobes


Source: Rambler

Did you know that capsule and basic wardrobes are not the same thing? Image stylist Lina Khananova helps to understand this issue in an article for Rambler.

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Any girl, getting up early in the morning, does not want to think about what to wear today. This is what the basic and capsule wardrobes are created for, the task of which is to make sure that you can make many sets of 10-12 things. But what is the difference between a capsule wardrobe and a basic wardrobe? Let's figure it out.

Basic wardrobe

This is the basis, which is formed from quality things and worn for several seasons. But everyone has their own! Think about where and how you spend most of your time. For example, you work in an office with a dress code. This means that most of the things in your closet should be something in a business style that is acceptable in the workplace. Well, if you are a housewife and wear jeans, T-shirts, jackets and casual shirts, then they will form the basis of your basic wardrobe. These should be things of a simple, concise cut, without excessive decor and details, well combined with each other. Quality is key here as these items will be worn frequently.

Things should be different: not 3 shirts, 2 T-shirts, but also a top, and a sweater, and a jacket, and golf, and a cardigan. There should always be more “tops”, because our upper part of the clothes is visually better remembered.

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In the basic wardrobe, it is desirable to avoid trends, but the general current trend must be observed. For example, free cut is now in fashion, so it is better to choose things of a free silhouette.

Capsule wardrobe

The task of the capsule is to close one area of ​​your life. Capsules are created for relaxation, dates, evening outings, walks, sports, seasons, etc. The same things can be included in several capsules or all of them. The basic wardrobe, in fact, is also one of the largest capsules, but which is formed not by a certain area, but by your lifestyle as a whole. Do not try to buy a lot of things for a capsule, the scope of which is not very relevant for you. For example, you do not need to buy 5 evening dresses per season if you rarely go out, no matter how tempting. Assemble the basic wardrobe that suits you, and then you can proceed to the capsules.

And finally: do not buy things based only on the fact that they are comfortable, practical, wear well and do not require special care. Remember that you are a beautiful woman. And things are helpers that should make you even more attractive. Buy and wear those things that, in the first place, you like.

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