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Spring wash: 11 helpers for perfect cleanliness


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No one likes to wash clothes and clean up their closets, but everyone needs to do this. Therefore, we have found useful things that should facilitate all these processes.

1. Brush for sports shoes


If you have ever been active in sports outside your home, then your shoes need to be cleaned. You can purchase special polishing kits, but for sports shoes you will need a simple small brush.

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2. Special comb for wool


An indispensable device for people who wear knitted sweaters and use knitted blankets. Whether you are dealing with wool or cashmere, this small tool will comb out the unsightly pellets and down that accumulate over time.

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3. Laundry bags


These mesh pouches are perfect for lingerie and more - from tights to scarves - and even thermal underwear. We love this set because of the different bag sizes. There is even a large one - for washing a down jacket.

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4. Balls for washing


We are fans of environmentally friendly alternative laundry products. These little guys are available in delicious shapes - like hedgehogs or puffer fish - as well as regular woolly spheres. All of them are reusable, without chemicals and do their job perfectly.

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5. Essential oils


If you do not like the way your clothes smell after washing, but you can’t find a detergent that will satisfy your nose, try adding essential oils for washing. Just a few drops. You can also drop a few drops on the balls, which we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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6. Starch Spray


If you have a closet full of shirts, spray with starch can be your lifesaver. This is an indispensable tool for ironing. It is enough to spray it on a cloth and walk with an iron. By the way, perfect for ironing bed linen. Just make sure the fabric is completely dry.

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7. Ironing blanket


Do you hate the ironing board just like me? Is it bulky and makes a terrible sound when you lay it out? An exit was found - an ironing blanket, which can be spread on a washing machine, a small table or you can take with you on a trip.

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8. Portable Steamer


If you do not want to spoil the clothes of delicate fabrics, pay attention to the portable steamer. It is easy to use, almost weightless, which makes it an indispensable companion on business trips. It can be used for curtains.

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9. Board for folding clothes


If you didn’t work for Gap, you probably don’t know very well how to fold shirts properly. This is a necessary skill, especially if you have little space in the closet or you travel frequently. And here comes to the aid of a special folding board for folding shirts, where the instructions show the whole process step by step.

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10. Sticky roller


Sticky clip, to which we are already so accustomed, but in a new design from F'lint. It is retractable and multifunctional. Convenient design allows you to carry it with you, keep it in your office or car.

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11. Shelf organizer


Lightweight, convenient and compact shelf-organizer, which can be installed in any narrow opening, for example, between the washing and drying machine. And put there all the funds listed above.

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