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Return the Keys: The Queen gives Meghan and Harry's house to another princess



The house, which Meghan considered too small for a member of the royal family, Elizabeth II gave to another couple.

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As it became known, Princess Beatrice, who married her boyfriend Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July, received permission from the Queen to move into an empty mansion on the territory of Kensington Palace. We are talking about the Nottingham Cottage, where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry used to live before moving to Windsor.

Nottingham Cottage on google maps

Of course, Nottingham Cottage isn't too big. And one of the reasons why Harry and Megan wanted to leave there was precisely the size of this building with an area of ​​only about 100 square meters, which is very small by royal standards.

However, the cottage has two bedrooms, two reception rooms, a small kitchen and a bathroom. So for the first time, Beatrice and Edoardo will be satisfied with this. Moreover, the cottage is located not far from the mansion where her sister Princess Eugenia lives with her husband, with whom Beatrice is very close.

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Before Eugenie (last fall in Windsor), and now Beatrice got married, they lived together in an apartment located in St James's Palace. And after Eugenia left this apartment, according to rumors, Edoardo settled there, with whom Beatrice began an affair.

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However, the queen's granddaughter spent the quarantine in the wrong place. She "hid" during the pandemic in the family home of her beloved, owned by his father. There they all remained together. It was rumored that Beatrice would not mind taking over Meghan and Harry's other, more spacious home, also currently vacant after their departure from Britain - Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. However, the queen had to remind her granddaughter that the prince and duchess had asked to leave the cottage behind them.

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