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Venus in Hoodies: American Women Guide


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We are spoiled by women, let's face it. At home, statistics are on our side. And in America, there are enough men to give women a choice. It encourages and transforms them. Do not constantly be in good shape, pinching his eyebrows and strip off a strip of hot wax with follicles. You can even eat extra cookies.

American women don't scan space looking for candidates. If they go to the gym, then - to exercise, and not for a session of simultaneous flirting. Having asked for a phone number from a pretty girl, you can easily leave the hall in the company of your uncle from the security service.

Encouraged by this state of affairs, the American woman will not wear high-heeled shoes without special reason. To tell the truth, I even missed the heels - I love the way they bulge priests and give out calves - but who cares?

Over the 7 years in Santa Cruz, I hardly saw the 5 pair of heels. There are sandals everywhere tickled by the “flip-flops”.

The situation turns 180 degrees: already a man has to get up and trudge for sneakers, especially since there is something to do - bike paths, skate parks, tennis courts. I certainly live in an atypical place.

But even in less progressive states, American men take better care of themselves. There are no these herds of asexual creatures in shorts or big-bellied lucks in worn-out sandals. I am talking now about the average American, and not about the cartoon pupil of the ghetto who grew up on Chikken McNuggets.

Only our people are able to turn relationships into a psychological strip-tease session for years. Where partners share intimate secrets and aspirations, until complete merger. It all seems to us that then we will love the whole, without a trace. Few understand that this is not a gift at all. No one is obliged to love our inner cun chamber, as we ourselves love it.

Americans learn to observe boundaries since childhood. Law, private property, personal space. They do not climb over fences. This is mine, and this is yours, let's live together, but only on a common territory. If it turns out to be out of the way, we will part easily and will not tear ourselves away from our partner with blood. Who invented this nonsense about "sprout into each other?". Of course, Russians.

American women are unlikely to solve your problems. They will support, encourage, but they will not wait for years until a man comes out of the dusk. It is very easy to live for someone's sinus, especially if mom brought up so much, but you should not expect that this number will burn out with an American. This is an independent person, she relies only on herself from the day she left for college. And in general, a person up to 30 years living with his parents is an American metaphor of family shame, a character of comedies.

In general, Americans are taught from childhood to plan life. At the reception to the doctor, in a social institution - record by phone for a month. If you were sitting at home in the hope that the tooth would pass by itself, the case would end with an ambulance. Long wondering whether to have a child with this woman or not? There will be a more determined man, and no one will blame her. She only reasonably manages her only life.

Americans and to childbirth are different. The opinion of grandmothers and mothers on matters of marriage and women's fate is of little concern to anyone. If the Russian says to a friend: “Thirty years old, neither husband nor children”, and both shake their heads in frustration, then an American can quite replace the first and second words with the word “career”. Those and others are equally grieved, only in America is their social paranoia, most likely connected with self-realization.

Career means financial independence, and with it - other freedoms: from mother's opinion and life with an infantile person, with which millions of post-Soviet women are forced to put up.

It is believed that American women have a utilitarian attitude towards sex. This offends us patriarchal pop stars. We habitually think that they will wait for us chastely, like Penelope - Odyssey. There is nothing to catch with an American - not for that they fought for freedom, to sit idly by. Yes, they cynically and offensively sleep with different men, and they do not like to take risks.

Finally, American women are terribly bored. They can be read like an open book, and my fastidious demon eats another food. Give him intellectual conversations, intimate drunkenness and a deep massage of the unconscious. On this territory, the Russians beat the Americans with a crushing score. Compare how those and others write about themselves on dating sites and much will become clear:

Lips ... Barely touching the skin ... Sliding along the neck ... Bringing to a shiver ... Lower and lower ... With a sigh of kisses ... I dissolve ... No, I'm drowning in you ... My whisper ... And your breath ... Through the veins ... Slipped desire ... So gentle ... Petals of light ... I I am waiting ... for your hand to answer ... Getting closer ... As a skin burn ... ... Tenderness, New York

I am very independent and love to laugh. My friend says: "If you do not soak salty jokes, you are not joking at all," and I live by this principle. I love to travel and cook perfectly. My musical tastes are at least eclectic, so I would say that my chosen one loves music and goes to concerts. I prefer to be in shape, but do not make this cult. I would say that I like the photo, although my poor camera has missed the last few months. Traveling, biking and walking are a favorite pastime ... All photos here are no older than 9 months. Beach2Bay1111, 40 San Francisco

Meeting only with a decent man! I respect myself and do not collect any husks! A man from 35 years. WOMAN IS A FLOWER FROM GOD ... ITS NECESSARY TO TREAT, EXECUTE ITS WALKING AND TO DELIVER PLEASURE IN EVERYTHING ... Goddess, Los Angeles

I would describe myself as a caring, easy-to-communicate, sarcastic and adventurous nature. I love traveling and everything that gives a surge of adrenaline. I am looking for something more than a partner for skydiving, I need a person with whom I could share daily everyday discoveries, the one who makes me laugh. Maybe for a start look at some bar? KellBell0720, 31, Auckland

Gorgeous blonde, creepy selfish, princess in life and just a goddess. In the ears - headphones, in the eyes - dark glasses, on the lips - a chic shine, and on the heart - a lock, sealed with a large seal of distrust. The keys are lost, the storekeeper is fired ... I ask the finder of the keys to respond! Second female roles - NOT FOR ME, so I ask you not to disturb the MARRIED men. And more ... stupid, aimless conversations I DO NOT SUPPORT! Sorry for the time! In fact ... sociable, interesting, energetic, kind, gentle and intelligent) Eleonora, 30, Miami Beach

I am open, sociable and friendly and certainly not afraid to express my thoughts directly. I am considered a hedonist - in a constant search for new impressions, words and adventures that inspire and delight. This is equally passion and adventure - my eyes are always wide open. SFSkyBlue, 34, San Francisco

See, a woman writes about herself, as if about building materials. Without posture, detail, and not embarrassed. She expects the same from her partner and relationship. Life is stable, men in abundance, no one pushes in the shoulders. Life is usually well arranged for all who are willing to work, and women do not have to live under the same roof with a random psycho.

Just do not think that Americans are rational cyborg. They just feel good inexpensive romance, which we love to peddle, as well as manipulation and infantilism. With them, and harder and easier. Much depends on your flexibility.

Kolya Sulima

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