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'Forever young' 53-year-old model revealed the main beauty secrets. A PHOTO



Australian model Donna Omansky told how she manages to keep a fit figure in the 53 year without plastic surgery.

Omanski, who lives in Gold Coast, Queensland, began her modeling career at the age of 15 years, writes with reference to The Daily Mail.

“When I was young, I was involved in equestrian sports every weekend, so there was no time left for other hobbies,” she recalls. - I have always led an active lifestyle. I am not one of those people who often watch TV or read a book. ”

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The woman regularly visits the gym, but tries to keep the workouts from becoming a routine. Last time Omanski goes to boxing. According to her, when she doesn’t have time for a gym, she spends at least half an hour a day for a walk.

The model has not eaten animal products for five years. She drinks green tea every day, noting that she has never tasted coffee.

“At dinner I can afford some alcohol. I love to try unusual wines, ”says Omansky.

Anyone who seeks to achieve model parameters, the Australian recommends a diet high in fiber.

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Omansky claims that she has never done plastic surgery, the purpose of which is only to improve the appearance.

“Ten years ago, I had surgery for centuries. It was prescribed by doctors, I needed a correction, ”the woman explains.

In her opinion, in addition to training and proper nutrition, the guarantee of youth and a happy life is in the absence of stress.

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