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The widow of Sergei Bodrov first spoke about the relationship, "Brother-2" and the search for a husband


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15 years have passed since Sergey Bodrov went missing. This is the first interview of his widow, television director Svetlana Bodrova. She told Katerina Gordeeva about her husband and her work.

... I, in fact, mounted my “Muzoboz”. And the viewers frightened me terribly: they mounted at night and constantly detained the control room. The alignment was this: we are show business, cool, and these are journalists with all their politics and true life, well, theirs! And all the time we were hitting each other in the installation queue. I remember after they took Sergei Bodrov, I stood over them when they mounted, and said: “Who did you take at all? He somehow says so that you cannot mount it, so you sit for so long. ” They say to me: "This is an artist."

- Did you not see him on the screen before meeting Bodrov?

- Not. And a few weeks before our acquaintance, in one simple video rental on Mira Avenue, guys who somehow rolled up all the latest news and who always had everything, suddenly say: “Look,“ Brother ”came out, our film is very good.” I say: "I do not watch our films." Well, do not look - and do not look, okay.

- And the “Caucasian Captive” was not watched?

- Not. But "The Caucasian Captive" was looked at by Seryozha Kushnerev. He then was the chief editor of "Look." And he called Bodrov. First, on the air, and then in the frame. First, Sergei Vladimirovich (director Sergei Bodrov Sr. - Ed.) And Seryozha were invited to “Vzglyad” as guests. Right on the air at Kushnerev's eyes caught fire, and he decided to call Seryozha to the presenter. He somehow felt that Bodrov would be a breath of fresh air, that he was from a new generation, he was a hero of this generation: Kushner saw that in him. He had this tremendous talent - to immediately see a man. In general, they immediately after the broadcast got into conversation, went somewhere to a bar, they talked there for a very long time. Then they talked, met. Serega [Bodrov] did not immediately decide. Well, somehow, he said, not ready. But Kushnerev knows how to start with his own ideas, he's terribly passionate! In general, persuaded. And Bodrov himself caught fire. And they both clashed together and did not disengage - at work, after work all the time they were inventing something, discussing: “And let it be, and let it be that way?”. They instantly found themselves on the same wavelength.

You know, kind people, of course, sent me a film by Yuri Dudi, in which Alexander Mikhailovich Lyubimov told me how he noticed this young artist. I watched the movie and heard it all with my own ears. And it angered me. And mother Seryozhin is also outraged. The man in the blue eye says: "I noticed him, I saw him, I invited him." Not! Lyubimov has nothing to do with Bodrov’s invitation to Vzglyad. They were never friends, they never had a warm relationship. I will say more: when tragedy happened in our home, in our family, Sasha Lyubimov didn’t call either me or mother Serezhina. I did not offer any help and did not ask: “Sveta, how are you?”. Although he readily participates in all the films about Seryozha, seeming to be a great friend.

- How did you get close to Bordov?

- We met both Kushnerev and Bodrov at the same time in 1997. As one of the best employees of the VID TV company, I was promised a vacation anywhere in the world where I wanted. I chose Nice. And then they squeezed Nice and said: "Look" goes to Cuba, they will work, and you - to rest. In general, getting on the plane, I hated "Vzglyad" and all these people with whom for some reason I would have to spend my vacation. And there, in Cuba, we suddenly started talking to him ... For some reason I remember this moment perfectly: we caught each other in Hemingway's house. And then they talked, talked, without ceasing: about themselves, about me, about him. He later wrote to me in one letter: "You and I are like two twin brothers who were separated thirty years ago." You know, we were like some kind of non-sticky ones from each other, so to speak? They spoke to each other as if they had been silent all their lives before.

- The fact that this is the same love, you both understand immediately and at the same time?

- You know, I tried to build some walls, of course. I used to live alone, I was an adult - 30 years, it seemed to me that I would never marry and never have children; I was sure: in my life there will be only one thing - work. And I somehow defended it. But Serega did not let go. After Cuba, we almost never parted.

Although not: immediately after returning from Havana, my Seryozha and Sergei Kushnerev had to go fishing in the Don. They agreed a long time. For two whole weeks. There was no connection where they went. And suddenly a message comes to me on the pager from Bodrov. Very warm, personal, gentle such. And I think: “Well, why? Well, if there is a connection, what can he not call me? ”. Then it turned out that it was Petya Tolstoy who was there fishing with them, but he returned earlier. And Seryoga gave him this instruction. But I did not know! I missed, of course: just sort of met - and parted for some reason. And it was here that I went to my video rental on Prospekt Mira, saying: “Well, let me have this“ Brother ”, about which you spoke.” They: "Well you did not want to watch." - "Well, I did not want to, now I wanted." I took the tape and, while it was not there, I looked at it, probably one hundred and fifty-five times. Then he arrives. And we are not parting, always and everywhere together. One evening I told him: “Oh, I have such great guys here in one video rental. Let's go pick something, see. ” We go with him. The guys' jaw drops, and they are silent on all questions. “Is there anything to see?” - “Nothing.” - "Well, but something new, interesting?" - "There is nothing at all." And Serega says: “Good, really, you have a video shop, a wide choice”. And only he came out - they say to me: “Why did you bring him here at all? They will put us now! ” Already on the street, Sergey and I realized what a wild picture they had in my head: first I refuse to watch “our” movie, then I demand “Brother”, and then I come to them with the main character. These were the times when they all recorded it in secret. They were just scared. God, how did we laugh with Bodrov then.

- Have you quarreled?

- Once we with my Seryoga in Valentinovka at Kushnerev had a hard fight. This was the very beginning: he is not easy with his character, I also have a character that is not the most flexible. I slammed the door, jumped into the car - I'm cool: show business, car, mobile phone. And I am from them - aloud! - umotala. Later Serezha told me how Kushnerev sits and says: "Serezha, would you like to marry Sveta?" And Bodrov replies: “I would like it very much. She does not want". And our entire already serious romance, in fact, developed in Valentinovka. Because every day after filming, after some business, we came there. In general, Seryozha had his own room in this house. And we always sat up for a long time, discussed new projects, came up with something. We were all young, with burning eyes, of the same blood type.

But Kushnerev, when we were just married, made some woodfall for Seregu. We then did not work together. And they have all the projects, all the dreams - all. And, it turns out, because of me, they had less time left for their nightly gatherings in Valentinovka. But they still have time for themselves. I remember that on the night of the famous hurricane 1998 of the year I stayed with my mother at the dacha, and Bodrov with Kushnerev - in Valentinovka. And when all these trees flew, I was so horrified! I was pregnant with our eldest daughter Olya and I think: “Lord, there’s probably Serozha worrying about me there!” And then the mobile is not everywhere caught. I could barely wait for the morning to get to the nearest point where there was a connection. I called Kushnerev: “Seryoga, you tell him not to worry about Bodrov, everything is normal here.” He says: “What happened?” I: “So. Did you have a hurricane? ”-“ A hurricane? What a hurricane? Well, our lights were turned off for a while. We were just sitting at the computer, inventing something there. And we also think: why the hell the lights were turned off! Well, the candle lit. " Only he put the phone down, goes to the porch - and he has a century-old Christmas tree lying there. Ten centimeters from the house fell! And they sat there in their ideas and did not notice anything!

In general, both of them together, and the three of us sat in Valentinovka near Kushnerev and talked endlessly about projects, plans - about everything! And our novel with Serega [Bodrov] is inseparable from these conversations. It was against this background, and precisely with the filing of Kushnereva, that Seryozha and I decided that we would tie our lives together for a long time. And with Kushnerev from these very days we were friends. Probably closest friends. Until the very last day of his life - February 27 2017.

- Did you like Bodrov films?

- I always liked everything that my Seryozha does. You see, we, of course, were on the same wavelength, I supported him in all this. And always and in everything she was proud. I remember when he defended his dissertation, I went out and told him: “I am proud of you, as my homeland, Seryoga!”. And they say to him there in the commission: “My wife looked at you like that! Incredibly ... ". And I just every second realized what happiness I had: what an incredibly deep and talented person next to me.

You know, I now understand - we could give so much to our children together. I alone can not do it. It makes me very hard. It's hard that I don't have these daily hours in the kitchen with him, when we could talk, talk, talk until morning. Could be silent in the same way. Ride in the car and be silent. Or stay at home and be silent. Sometimes I see people not being able to keep silent with each other, but we could. They didn’t talk, but it didn’t mean that we don’t want to talk, we are still together, we have an internal dialogue. And our son Sasha - he is the same, very similar in character to Seryozha. Highly. Even in movements sometimes: when he starts to wriggle or dance, he punches me with a direct current, because I see Seryozha. Somehow, at the gene level, everything was transmitted, down to character. And I understand that if they were together with Seryozha now, they would feel and understand each other so thinly.

- Bodrov, after “Brother-2”, began shooting himself because he didn’t want to act anymore?

- In the beginning was the script "Morphia". He thought about which script to write, and I advised him “Morphine”, because Bulgakov is my favorite writer, and “Morphine” is such a multi-level work: a love story, a fall story, and this leitmotiv of constant running, when he runs from the hospital, myself, and there is already a revolution in the whole of Ivanovo. I say: "Try." He got carried away and wrote a very good script. But Morphine was not ready to shoot at that moment, saying that this should be a global picture. As a result, Lesch [Balabanov] took off. But this is not the film that was conceived, although Seryozhin has a last name in the credits, but that was already when he was gone. After the "Morphia" appeared "Sisters". We chose locals for them in St. Petersburg, nature, I helped him. He brought the material, we looked at it together, I even gave some advice.

And then the "Messenger" appeared. At the level of ideas. It began when Seryoga was filmed by Varnier in East-West (Regis Varnier film 1999 of the year. - Ed.). There, on the set, he met with two such semi-gangsters, guys from Dagestan, as I recall. They hid abroad. When he called me from there, he told me how he was interested in listening to them. Seryoga generally loved to listen to people, he adored stories from someone's life. He Nina Ivanovna, my mother, always begged to tell something about the post-war years, my grandmother, when she was still alive, asked questions about life, loved old women to listen. So, in Bulgaria, where they shot “East - West”, these semi-gangs told him how they escaped, how they hid, about some real-life witch that they met. And Seryoga followed them all down. So the idea of ​​the “Messenger” picture appeared. There, even the heroes are called Armen and Ilyas - that was the name of those guys. He wrote for a very long time, grind out this “Messenger”. He was dear to him.

I remember how he gave me to read it for the first time. And I had such a feeling, you know, I thought to myself: “How does this, in general, boy fit so much into his head at once? How talented he is! What happiness to me fell ". Because, you see, we seem to be close by, some kind of everyday life surrounds, but at the same time I have in my hands a work that characterizes it in a completely different quality - with complex structures and a deep understanding of many things, life, people's characters, it all intertwined. And I read and understand that I am in contact with a man of incredible talent and intelligence. And he lives next to me! It is difficult to explain it plainly, but when you have a normal life, even filled with relationships, love, filled with children, you still can not always fully appreciate the happiness that fate has given you: to be with such a person. And I am proud that he always told me: "If it were not for you, I could not have removed it, I did not write it." Yes, I, of course, pushed him to do his own thing. And, having added the script of the “Messenger”, he said: “I will take it off in such a way that I will not be ashamed before you.”

There, even in the script was such a character - an Afghan Lech. Bodrov could not choose an actor for this character. I myself did not want to act. But when I read the script, I say: "This is the role - yours, yours!" And persuaded him to play there after all. And he began to persuade me to go to him for this picture by the second director. Then heavy artillery - Selyanov joined these persuasions. He understood that everything was like in “Wait for me”, where I, without words, feel that Kushner wants. On Svyaznom I can understand Seregu [Bodrova] from half a glance. On the site in such a complex picture it is terribly important when there are people around who don’t need to explain anything for long, who can do everything without your word, you have planned. In general, Bodrov and Selyanov were persuaded to me.

And I quit from “Wait for me”. Seryoga was in shock, Kushnerev. I quit, several issues left without me, and then the program went to repeat, because Kushner could not accept the idea that “Wait for me” would do without me. Well, then he somehow got used to it. And in August our son Sasha was born with Bodrov. I remember well how we were driving in a car from the maternity hospital and calling Kushnerev: “Congratulations, Svetka!”. And then he says to Seryoga: “Well, when shall we meet?”. Bodrov replies: “Listen, I'm leaving for a shoot in North Ossetia now. As I return from Vladikavkaz, we will meet. ” This was their last conversation. After Sasha’s birth, we spent two weeks at home. Then Seryoga took us to the dacha and left for these shootings. I can see right now: he gets into his this beloved Land Rover Defender is huge and says: “I’m from the airport right to you.” This is his last phrase. And I accompany him. You know, he flew into my life like a bird and flew away.

- Who was there when it happened?

- Came Seryozhka Kushnerev. I came and said: “Light, please return to“ Wait for me ”.” And on September 20 everything happened, and on November 5 I already went to the shooting.

- Otherwise you would not have survived?

- In every sense, would not have survived. We still have nothing to live for. We bought an apartment before leaving Seregin. There were bare walls. Two children. We must feed them somehow, we must earn money, we must live. But I don’t remember these months at all. In my opinion, I did not understand anything at all. I did not even understand that everything that I was left with nothing, that everything was over.

- Kushnerev flew to Ossetia?

- Not. I flew every weekend. And, you know, when Ossetians say in different films and programs that no one helped them at the government level, the country, this is not so. There when the situation came that they were about to disperse everyone, there was no equipment, there was no support and the phone was silent - this is also very scary when the phone is silent, that's all, no one believes, says nothing ... Silence in general. You know, somehow everything was on the verge. And to me, Seryozhka Kushnerev says: “You should probably call Ernst. Only he can have a way up. ” At the level of the presidents of the republics, who could give the command to continue to search - who among us could get out? Ear ring got me a phone, and I called Kostya Ernst. I called in oblivion already, in despair, without knowing at all what day of the week, what time it was. I told him, sobbing, said into the phone: “I ask you as a woman, as a wife, as a mother. I beg you, help! ” And Kostya, I must give him his due, says: “Sveta, I will help. Now holidays, they will end, and I will do everything that will be in my power. ” Then it turned out that I called him on the evening of December 31. But then I did not really understand it.

- Ernst helped?

- Yes. He called me back and said: "January 6 will be a technician there." And the equipment arrived: excavators, tractors, something that was required. About this, no one usually says. And he does not speak. But it was so. Later I called him a lot, sometimes straight from the mountain, from there, from Ossetia. And he contacted Shoigu, with other ministers. And they helped, isolated, sent. Divers, cavers. For some reason he never talks about it. And I have never given an interview before, so no one knows.

- Have you met him at this time?

- He called me immediately when it happened. I was shocked at what my salary was, and it influenced me to raise it a little so that I could survive. Until the very last day of the search operation, he was in touch, called, asked, helped. He did not seem to want to believe that this was the end.

It was impossible to believe in it. Very painful. You know, when we brought his personal things then from Ossetia, I dismantled them. And in the bag lay a completely battered note, which I wrote to him in Petersburg when he was shooting The Sisters. We didn’t have Sasha, only Olya. There it was written in the end: "Remember that two people on this Earth truly love you: me and Olya." And I found this note in his bag, it was impossible to take it out ...

- You often wrote to each other?

- Yes. We talked on the phone every day, and always wrote, all the time: a note in the kitchen, some short letter. Or long, if apart. When he left, say, to the "East - West", I wrote him letters every day and he wrote letters to me every day. And we changed when he came. It is impossible to read now. At first, even getting out of the boxes was impossible. And I still can not read.

I also remember how our computer genius Lesha Bartosz flew to the shooting of the Last Hero to take the tapes. Learning of this, I immediately dashed off a huge letter to Bodrov. And Alex flew. She flies back to Moscow and says from the doorway: “Listen, Bodrovs, you are crazy, you can't do that!”. I: “Lesha, what happened?” And he: “I arrived at the“ Last Hero ”, everything is fine, we sit, chat with Bodrov and Kushnerev. And here I remember: “Oh, Seryoga, Svetka gave you a letter”. - “Why are you silent, where is it? Give it back! Couldn't say before? ” Grabbed the letter and rode away with it. And now she doesn’t talk to me. ” I say: “So, Lech, you have been talking to me for a long time. Did Seryoga give me a letter? ”-“ Yes. ” - "So come on, well, what are you standing, come on soon, what are you, stupid, or what, Lech?" And he threw up his hands: “You, Bodrovs, are just crazy. Get your letter, leave me alone. ”

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