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Valery Meladze first introduced the public to 15-year-old son from Albina Dzhanabaeva. A PHOTO


Source: 7 Days

The singer said in what Konstantin does not look like him.


It's no secret that the first son of Valery Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva was born when the singer was married to Irina Malukhina, writes 7 Days. For a long time, the performer was “torn” between two families: official and secret. Only in the 2009 year, when the artist left his wife, he admitted that he was the father of Constantine. The boy grew up very modest and basically did not want to become part of the public life of his parents.

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Now Konstantin is already 15 years old and he is gradually getting used to being a "star" child. However, he still does not break into show business. The eldest son of Meladze is a man of science. While this area attracts him much more than the stage and the spotlights. Parents listened to the requests of Bones and did not show his pictures to a wide audience. Recently, he felt that he was ready to "get out of the shadows."


Recently, the son of Valery and Albina twice "lit up" in a photo on the Web. The first picture during a vacation in Spain was shared by his mother. And now it's father’s turn. Meladze honestly admitted that his son is in many ways not like him: both externally and internally.

“Next to me is a man who does not like show business, does not go to concerts. He prefers noisy events to science, technology, and sport. And yet he is my continuation! My son, ”Meladze introduced his son.

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Although here, of course, Valery is a little disingenuous: he has much more in common with his son than he told the fans. Valery was once passionate about the exact sciences and did not even think about a musical career. He still loves to fantasize how his life would have developed if not for the scene.

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