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In three years, the girl suffered breast cancer.


Source: report

A girl from Shandong Province of China has become one of the youngest breast cancer survivors.

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In March, her mother noticed a sticky red discharge on her daughter's clothes. After a few weeks, she felt a lump on the baby's chest. After that, the woman decided to show the girl to a specialist, writes “ report"

The doctor said that he was observing premature puberty, and advised him not to use the food supplements that had caused it. The woman was not satisfied with this conclusion, so she decided to go to another hospital.

When re-examining the girl found a tumor in the area of ​​the left breast. In addition, the lymph node under the arm was enlarged. After a biopsy, it turned out that the child has a rare form of breast cancer - secretory carcinoma.

The girl was successfully operated on and removed the tumor, preserving the mammary gland. Since the cancer was found and started to be treated at an early stage, it is likely that he was completely eliminated.

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