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In Tajikistan, a husband beat and left his wife on the second day of marriage, having doubted her virginity


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The marriage traditions in Tajikistan have repeatedly caused women's suffering and resentment in the press, but nothing has changed in the country.

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Mastona is another victim of discriminatory customs in this state, says “Currently,".

The husband drove her out of the house on the second day after the wedding, accusing that she was not a virgin.

“He said that a virgin should bleed for a whole week. And scolded me. He said: “You must have sewn up, you only had blood for one night,” the woman said.

Her husband beat Maston and forced him to confess to the camera that she had had sexual experience before marriage.

“As if the head had split in two. He mostly hit on the left side. Said, "I'll shave my head and throw it out into the street." He said: “If you don't want to suffer like this anymore, confess before I kill you,” Mastona said about her husband's bullying.

The woman had to undergo an examination, she confirmed her virginity before marriage. But the husband was not convinced - they divorced.

The marriage Masons was organized by parents, the young were introduced just a few weeks before the wedding.

The woman admits that she does not want to get married the second time. Now she rarely leaves the house, fearing the condemning glances of her neighbors.

This is not the first case in Tajikistan, when the issue of virginity becomes the cause of the breakup of marriage.

In 2017, this led to a tragedy - the bride committed suicide after the wedding. Examination proved her virginity before marriage. The groom was sentenced to 7 years in prison for driving his wife to suicide.

“Another incident took place in the Sogli region. An examination for virginity before marriage gave a negative result, and it ended in tragedy. The girl's parents committed suicide, the girl also tried to kill herself, ”said journalist Yekub Said.

90% of Tajiks consider virginity before marriage a virtue. The country is increasingly turning to doctors for confirmation of virginity before the wedding. There is no such requirement in the laws of Tajikistan.

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