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On her birthday, Loboda boasted a wedding ring. A PHOTO


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Singer Svetlana Loboda celebrated her birthday on October 18 - she turned 36 years old. On this day, the artist intrigued fans with a new picture, which she published on her Instagram page.


In the photo, Svetlana is posing in a light satin dress. Next to her mom is her 7-year-old daughter from her first marriage, Eva, and in her arms a star gently holds the newborn Tilda, covered with a pink rug, writes Today.

But it was not this that attracted the attention of the singer's fans: a male hand with a wedding ring is visible in the photo. And on Svetlana's finger there is also an engagement ring with a stone. Many have suggested, based on the words of Loboda itself, that the photo shows the hand of her beloved, who is probably the father of her second daughter.

“Thank you for the happiness in my eyes and the music in my heart. Thank you heaven for everything I have: music, love, children, life. For everything that makes me happy, ”wrote Loboda.

Fans immediately responded to this picture with many birthday greetings and a possible wedding. There were also those who found on the Internet photos of the hands of Til Lindemann, the lead singer of the Rammstein group, from whom, according to rumors, Loboda gave birth to a daughter Tilda (the name was also considered by many to hint that this man was the father). But even without comparison, it is obvious that the hand can hardly belong to the 55-year-old man.

True, Natella Krapivina, the producer of Svetlana Loboda and her close friend, unexpectedly destroyed the legend of marriage. Among the many warm words, compliments and wishes addressed to the artist, Krapivina wished her “a strong man, in whom there is both nobility and courage to love such a woman.”

Recall that a few years ago, even before the pregnancy with her youngest daughter, the star has repeatedly posed for photographers with a wedding ring on her finger, but Svetlana Loboda is still not married - at least the singer has not officially confirmed this fact.



The future Ukrainian pop star was born on October 18 1982 of the year in the capital of Ukraine, says Parents sent her to study music in school in piano, conducting and academic vocals. After receiving her first musical education, Svetlana entered the pop vocal department of the pop-circus academy. Real fame will come to her with the participation in the group “VIA Gra” and the performance in the spring of 2009 of the year on the qualifying round of the Eurovision song contest with the single “Be My Valentine”. After that, Loboda was waiting for a real breakthrough in his solo career, success, fame and inherent tests.



Parents often recalled that little Sveta was constantly shouting, and her grandmother joked: “This is how she develops the ligaments! The stage awaits her! " A young girl ran away from boring lessons, from childhood she sewed herself stage costumes. The academy teachers noted that Svetlana was a playful student, but they had no complaints about her studies. By the way, except for Svetlana and her grandmother, the soloist of the opera house, no one else showed their creative abilities. The star's father works at an aircraft plant, her mother works as an energy conservation specialist, her younger sister is also far from show business.

Career start and first shoot

In parallel with the training, the girl worked in the then popular group “Cappuccino” under the leadership of producer Viktor Doroshenko. At some point, she decided to start an independent life. Together with Svetlana Loboda, Victoria Batui and Adeline tried to achieve success in show business with the hits “New Tale” and “Feelings”. A few months later Loboda took the first steps towards a solo career. Secretly from the producer of the group, she took the pseudonym Alicia Gorn, who was coined by her ex-producer Mikhail Yasinsky, and performed in Kiev nightclubs. Soon Svetlana left the group and made her debut in the first Ukrainian musical Equator as a savage Mirana. At the same time, Loboda released a video for the song “Black Angel”, and in 2003, she created her own team, calling it “Ketch”.

Photo: YouTube / LOBODA frame

Participation in the band "VIA Gra" and the beginning of a solo career

In the spring of 2004, a sharp turn in the artist's life took place - she was casting for the role of the soloist of the seductive trio VIA Gra. The group work was short - less than six months, but very bright. Svetlana starred in the video for the song "Biology", took part in the filming of the musical "Sorochinskaya Yarmarka" and left the band in October of the same year. One of the main reasons for such an act is the girl's individuality and self-sufficiency. She is not ready to share the stage with other performers. The singer presented her first solo single "Black and White Winter" in 2004, and later, with the participation of director Alan Badoev, shot a video for it. In November 2005, the world saw the star's first solo album "You Won't Forget". In 2008, her second disc, Not Macho, was released.

Photo: YouTube / ELLO frame

In 2012, after the talent show, Svetlana Loboda leaves for the USA, where she intensively prepares choreographic numbers, takes vocal master classes, records tracks in the studio and shoots clips. When she returned, she began performing with the show "Inception" - the tour lasted a year. Loboda releases successful compositions one after another. In 2017, Loboda brand will present its new three-hour show to celebrate the release of the album "H2Lo". She worked on it for five years. The single "SuperSTAR" was released in 2018 and immediately impressed fans and puzzled critics with the fact that the pregnant singer staged "wild dances" to incendiary music.


8 March 2009 of the year passed the national selection, in the final of which the audience and the jury selected Svetlana Loboda as a performer from Ukraine at the international Eurovision Song Contest-2009 in Moscow. Not without a scandal, where another performer Anastasia Prikhodko was implicated. One of the chairmen of the Ukrainian professional jury accused the organizers of the contest of cheating. According to him, the Russian singer could not score 8 points if the Ukrainian jury gave her 0 points. Soon the conflict was settled due to explanations from the Eurovision Directorate. A few hours before the speech Loboda felt bad: I even had to call an ambulance. But Svetlana found the strength to go on stage. Loboda's number was criticized for the lack of "soulfulness", weak music and meaningless text, although it was noted for its audacity and lively energy. Despite 12-place, the competition gave a great start to a new stage in the singer's career.

Photo: YouTube / Eurovision Song Contest frame

Work on TV and launch your own brand

In 2006, Loboda made her debut on the Ukrainian “New Channel” as a TV host for the entertainment program “Schoumania”, and a year later she was invited to the “TET” channel to conduct the project “Miss CIS”. 2008 year became a landmark for the singer because this year she worked on a collection of clothes for young people, and a year later another came out. The official brand and trademark "Loboda" appeared only in 2010 year. In 2012, Svetlana took part in the filming of the project “Voice. Children, where she acted as a coach. In 2017, Svetlana was seen on screens as the host of the popular travel show “Eagle and Tails,” where the star release was accompanied by showman Alexander Revva.


Interesting facts and rumors

  1. In childhood, little Sveta lost two front teeth in figure skating training; after this incident, she stopped classes.
  2. Participation in the group “VIA Gra” was a spontaneous decision for Svetlana: she argued with her friends that she could take the casting and stay in the composition for at least six months. However, she never received a red convertible, which she was supposed to receive if she won the bet.
  3. A young member of the "Factory of talents" Max Barsky was unrequitedly in love with the shocking singer and during the performance he cut his veins because of unrequited love. Later, the couple recorded a joint track "The Heart Beats" and shot the most expensive video in the history of Ukrainian show business.
  4. The singer was repeatedly suspected of using the services of plastic surgeons. Plump lips, a specific form were at the star and at an early age, as evidenced by children's photos and pictures without makeup, but after the start of a solo career, everyone noticed her changes in image and appearance in general. The difference is obvious with the naked eye, but the star denies any plastic surgery and intervention.
  5. The parameters of Svetlana Loboda's figure: with the growth of 174 cm, the girl weighs 52 kg, her 39 has leg size, and the parameters of her figure are 90-55-90 see.
  6. Zodiac sign Svetlana Libra, thanks to which she is able to find the perfect balance in life between career and family.

Personal life

Svetlana does not like to give interviews related to questions about her personal life, protecting her from prying eyes and ears. It is known that the singer had a serious relationship with the choreographer from her ballet Andrei Tsar, they did not formalize their relationship, but lived in a civil marriage. Their joint daughter Evangelina was born in 2011, and already in 2014 it became known that the couple broke up.

With daughter Eve. Photo:

Former lovers parted without scandals and tedious legal nuances. After a while, rumors appeared that the artist had an affair and that the dancer Nazar Grabor was again involved in it. However, both the guy and Svetlana herself denied this information in every possible way, and Nazar said that he already had a beloved girl, who, ironically, also dances in the Loboda team.


The name of the father of her second child Svetlana carefully hides now. There are guesses that this is the lead singer of the band Rammstein Till Lindemann. The couple met at the “Heat” festival in Baku: a romance started. The leader of a German rock band has been married twice; he has two children and a grandson. Official comments on this score have not yet been voiced by musicians.


May 24 fans congratulated the star on the birth of their second daughter, who was born in an elite clinic in Los Angeles. The star called her youngest daughter an unusual name Tilda, which suggests the truth of the rumors about Lindemann's paternity, but all this remains only speculation of admirers.

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